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Updated: January 06, 2002

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Marijuana Seeds from Canada, UK, & Europe

Medical Marijuana Patients & Caregivers .........
Hello & Welcome......Aloha & Malolelei......Hola & Recepción...Hallo & Willkommen/Welkom...
Bonjour & Bienvenue...Hello & Benvenuto......Konnichi Wa & Youkoso.....Dia Dhuit & Failte......Zdravstvui

If you are here looking for sources of seed for your Medical Marijuana,
you've found the right place :-)))
This information is for use by citizens of countries like England where the sales of seed are legal. This is just one of a whole universe of industries built around the naturally occurring plants we know as Cannabis.
LIES and RUMORS spread about this fiberous wonder of the world have recently been exposed to the light of the Scientific Method by numerous investigators.
MANY GOVERNMENTS have SOLD their CITIZEN'S RIGHTS to various International Business Cartels which WERE monopolizing industries based on petroleum. Recent studies have shown Cannabis to be a very safe drug indeed, with no known fatalities ever!
With that in mind, If you are a citizen of one of the countries where the sale is prohibited, you should not order these seeds;-)This site has links to other web sites and controversial material. We do not promote the use of illicit drugs, recreational drugs, or Cannabis by anyone; Nor do we condone the use of HARMFUL drugs, including ALCOHOL or TOBACCO, by minors.

" A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon
which our government was founded."
Abraham Lincoln 1840

"Hemp is of first necessity to the commerce and marine,
to the wealth and protection of the Country."
Thomas Jefferson, 1791

"Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed
and sow it everywhere
George Washington, 1794

"A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and
prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved.
It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins."
Benjamin Franklin 

New Scientist Planet Science: Marijuana special report 

"The Lycaeum"

Seedbank Scammers


Watch Out !


Watch Out !


Watch Out !


Green Man's 'Seedbank Update' Ratings System

Delivery Success:

(* * * * *) =Best   (* * * *) =Reliable    (* * *) =Good    (* *) =Probably OK
(*) =No data or mixed data;    X=Likely Ripoff;

Speed of Delivery:

(FF)=Very Fast   (F)=Fast   (S)=Slow;

A (+) is half way to the next grade; A (P) indicates Problems;
An (E) = Ethical Problems; An (M) = Unreliable Product; An (N) = Non-Sprouting Seeds;
a 1 = accepts money orders or certified checks
a 2 = free stealth shipping
a 3 = accepts credit cards
a 4 = uses pgp encryption
a 5 = accepts Western Union a 6 = customer complaints about seed quality.

green man's weekly comment & ratings guide 

green man's latest 'Seedbank Update' 

The following seedbanks ship worldwide:

African Seeds * * * +(1,2,5) (new) 
Amsterdam Aloha * * * (S)
Amazing-nature.com * * (2,3)
The Amsterdam * * (S)
AussieSPC * * +(new) 
Bluegrass Seed * * *
Bluenose Seeds * * * + (2)
BCSC * * * +
Dr.Greenthumbs * * * * (F) (1,2)
Ganjaland * * (S)
H.D.Seeds * * * * (F) (1,2,3,5)

Heavens Stairway * * * * * (F)(1,2,4)
Klozit King * * * (1,2)
Legends * * * *(1,2,4,)
Marc Emery Direct * * * + (F) (1,6)
Medical Marijuana Seeds * * (1,2)
Medical Seeds * * +(1,3,5)
Natural Mystic * * * +
Seedbank Co of UK * *
Seeds Direct * * * * * (F)(1,3)
Seeds Online * * (2)
Tambu * * * * (1,3)
Worldwide * * * +

European Union Residents

We need feedback on your favorite, reliable seedbanks. 

These seedbanks have restricted shipping

Dr Hermans * * * (1,3)
Paradise Seeds * * *
Pukka * *

Seed & Read * * * *
Sensi Seeds * * * * +

Send URL's of other Seedbanks to: Sunny

Report Successful and Failed transactions to: greenman

Seed breeders and wholesalers. No shipping data.

Amsterdam Aloha
Breeder Steve
Bros Grimm 
Cedar New
Cultivators Choice
D J Short
Dr Greenthumb
Dutch Passion
Federation Seedbank
High Life Seeds
Homegrown Fantaseeds
Interpolm Growshop

K C Brains
Mr Soul
Native Strain
Paradise Seeds
Romulan Joe
Sensi Seeds
Serious Seeds
Vic High (BGGA)

Insufficient Data, New(Mo-Yr) or, Mixed Reports

A-B (03-01)
Alphabet Seeds
Any-Place (03-01)
Azatoth Seeds
Blunt Bros
Doc Bush
Freedom Seeds
Gene Genie
Global Seedbank
Hanfair (Swiss)
Hemphouse (03-01)
Hempireseeds (03-01)
Interpolm alkmaar
Jacs Seedbank (EUonly)
Marijuana Power

Marijuana Seeds
MarijuanaSeeds-Online (12-01)
Mellow Gold
Mile High
Peak Seeds (06-01)
Positive Grow
Secret Seeds (03-01)
Serious Seeds
Shiva Trading
Terracava Seeds
Urban Organix

My thanks go out to "Bud Buzz"
for help with the 'New Banks' section
& "Klozit King" for help tracking the scammers @;~)/


These seedbanks ? are not recommended due to excessive complaints. This is a judgement call and some customers have said they were satisfied. The nature of the complaints are as follows: 10 = non delivery, 11 = very poor customer service, 12 = inferior quality or misrepresented seeds, 13 = unethical conduct by seedbank owner. 

B C Seed
Bullmall (10,11) 
Seedbank Co UK (10,12)
Stinkyseeds (10,11)
Topseeds (10)

This is the rip-off section. The following seedbanks ? I've heard many bad things about. They are NOT recommended. aka means also known as. X means they seldom or never send the product. M means substituting very inferior seeds for high quality seeds N means sending non viable seeds (non sprouting seeds) 

A1 Seedbank.. [X,N] 
Pot O Gold...[X] 
Software Services,[Leo Pafort]
aka Cannabis4u, aka medical hemp,
aka cannabis@direct.A2000.nl ...[X X X]  

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Last Update: January 06, 2002

since 4/20/98


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