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Gouri Thiagarajn

                 Drug Delivery to Children
From: Thiagarajan Gouri 

>   For your information and action.
>       LSD .... A powerful drug, " Lysergic acid diethylamide ", C  H  N O ,
>                that induces hallucinations.                      20 25 3 2
>=========================== quote =====================================
>    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>  Knox County Sheriff Mike Carlson issues WARNING TO ALL PARENTS!
>  A form of tattoo called BLUE STAR is being sold to school children.
>It is a small piece of paper containing a blue star.  They are the size
>of a pencil eraser and each is soaked with LSD.  The drug is absorbed
>through the skin by handling the paper.
>  There are also brightly colored paper tabs resembling postage stamps
>that have the pictures of the following: Superman, Mickey Mouse, clowns,
>butterflies, Bart Simpson.  Each one is wrapped in aluminum foil.  This
>is a new way of selling acid, by appealing to young children.
>  If your child gets any of the above, DO NOT HANDLE THEM.  These are
>known to react quickly and some are laced with strychnine.  Symptoms:
>Hallucinations, severe vomiting, uncontrolled laughter, mood changes
>and change in body temperature.
>  Please feel free to reproduce this article and distribute it within
>your community and work place.  Please copy and post at work, give to
>a friend, send a copy to local schools.  This is very serious - young
>lives have already been taken!  This problem is growing faster than we
>can warn parents and professionals.
>Distributed compliments of Bethel United Methodist Church, Bethel, TX.
>73 - Wolf, WA4IXN, Weatherford, TX

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