This example, taken from Jan Harold Brunvand's book "The Choking Doberman and Other 'New' Urban Legends," is a very early version of the warning flyer. Note the specifics about the location the tattoos are found in, and the colors of the Mickey Mouse logo.

The phrase "contact with moisture and skin could cause the same effect as taking a dose of acid orally" is an early version of the phrase found on more modern versions of the flyer: "The drug can be absorbed through the skin simply by handling the paper!"

Similarly, what in recent versions is taken for granted -- that the dangerous little cartoons are lick-and-stick tattoos -- is treated a little more realistically here, where the blotter acid is described as a "sticker" or "label" that "has the appearance of a 'lick and stick tattoo.'"

"All Disney Cartoon characters have been used in the distribution of this LSD," but the blue star, Superman, butterflies, clowns, and Bart Simpson are nowhere to be found.

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