LSD on peel-off stickers of comic figures:

School Doctor Sounds Alarm
Drug Danger for Kids

By Erich Schönauer

A great deal of turmoil rages around an LSD letter, which warns teenagers from new drug dangers. There are few families with kids who haven't received a copy of this writing. The news of the great danger is spreading like wildfire since the school doctor from St. Pölten sounded the alarm.

"I don't want to start a panic wave, but I would like to point out a serious problem!", explained Dr. Rudolf Kreissl from St. Pölten in an interview with the newspaper the "Krone". The LSD stickers which are usually printed with comic figures, like Superman, Mickey-Mouse oder Donald Duck, first appeared in New York. Drug dealers there give them away to teenagers, who in turn then pass them on to younger students. These 'gifts' serve the sole purpose to get kids hooked on drugs as early as possible.

These new baby drugs came from the US to Switzerland, where they were given to kids in Lausanne and Zürich. Dr. Rudolf Kreissl: "I heard about the new drug wave from a letter that I received from Switzerland in November. In my opinion, people should be warned before the first deaths will be mourned. Those who know how much kids love stickers, knows how much kids enjoy playing with them. The drug LSD is absorbed into the body by the skin, and the acts on the central nervous system. The Vienna pharmacologist Mag. Andrea Stöllberger: "LSD brings about hallucinations, delusions, and changes in the space and time perception".

Dr. Rudolf Kreissl informed all the appropriate government agencies and gave copies of the warning letter to local schools and pre-schools in St. Pölten. Dr. Kreissl: "After I heard that the LSD stickers appeared in St. Pölten and in Vienna last summer, I wanted to take action to warn parents and children before it was too late."

Besides the peel-off stickers, the 'Blue Star' temporary tatoo is another drug ploy aimed at kids. In this case it is a white LSD dipped piece of paper printed with blue stars. Also, small colorful grains containing LSD, dubbed 'Red Pyramids' are also making the rounds. The school doctor: "This drugs works fast -- symptoms include sudden euphoria, illness, vomiting and headaches."

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