The following example is unusual. Somebody clearly spent time changing the message and format in a very deliberate way. The strict justification of the text discourages mutation of the message, which may help preserve the fidelity of the meme, but will probably weaken its virulence. There are new additions of content, including more detailed myths about strychnine and a presumably invented first name for J. O'Donnell. I'm guessing that this is someone's idea of a clever troll, but it's hard to be sure. The message was spammed to many other newsgroups than the ones listed in the instance below. The only other post from "" that I was able to locate was posted to alt.2600 and reads, in toto, "Can anyone tell me how to get hot pussy on the web and not have to pay for it. Thanks." See this witty response...
Update: a few days after posting this message far and wide, morph10625 posted this version to a more selective set of newsgroups -- justified in the shape of a diamond. I suspect an agent provocateur.
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 96 15:12:29 BST
To: nepenth@InterNex.Net
Subject: ALERT TO ALL PARENTS! (fwd)

I haven't had time to read all the examples of Blue Star alerts on your web page (very interesting, btw), but this looks like a new form of the alert. The most interesting thing about it is that it is written in such a way that it comes out right-justified without any added spaces (except one, I think). Also, someone noted that the newsgroups it was posted to all have eight or fewer alphabetic characters in them, with the exception of talk.bizarre.

Given the wide distribution of this message, I don't suppose it's the first copy you have received. Ah well...


------- start of forwarded message -------

From: (MORPH10625)
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 1996 05:25:58 GMT
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
Lines: 51
Message-ID: <5p4824$>
Reply-To: (MORPH10625)

This was forwarded to my email. I can't believe that people would do
this to children, it just shows how sick the world has become and how
scum like drug dealers would do anything to make money. I apologize
for posting this to newsgroups where it might not be strictly on
topic, but this is very important and should be of interest to

WARNING TO PARENTS: If you have children or know anyone who
does, regardless of their ages you should read this! A form
of fake tattoo, called "BLUE STAR" is being given to school
children. It is a small, postage-stamp sized piece of paper
the size containing a blue star. These papers are SOAKED IN
LSD, in order to addict children to this dangerous drug.

The moisture and oils on your hands will react quickly with
the paper, SIMPLY HANDLING IT is likely to cause the LSD to
be absorbed into your skin. It has been confirmed that some
contain deadly amounts of STRYCHNINE, which is used to bind
the LSD to the paper.


Symptoms to watch for include:  hallucinations, mood swings
uncontrolled laughter, drop in body temperature, dizziness,
severely dilated pupils, and severe vomiting. Up to an hour
can pass between contact with the drug and the beginning of
the LSD "trip". If you suspect that your child has become a
victim of one of these blue star tattoos, you must take him
or her immediately to the hospital and call the police.

These usually come wrapped in foil. Some have been reported
to have different designs on the paper, but by far the blue
star design is the most common. You are advised to call the
police immediately if you find anyone suspicious selling or
giving away fake tattoos to children, especially those with
a blue star design or wrapped in foil.

Sources of above information are: Javier O'Donnell (Danbury
Hospital Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment Service),
Charles Fisher (New York State Police), and Burton Goldberg
(Mount Kisco Hospital, Mount Kisco, NY).

NOTE: Please feel free to reproduce this article and spread
it within your community and work place. This danger to our
children must be made known. Distribute the warning as wide
as you can, this is growing faster than we can warn parents
and professionals.
------- end of forwarded message -------

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