From "The Record"
Gold River, British Columbia
This information put on their web site: 13 Sept. 1995


Recently a blizzard of warnings have been posted around Gold River advising people to be on the look out for a decal style tatoo called BLUE STAR that is being sold to children, and may contain the drug LSD.

The warning was being distributed by local BC Ambulance stations on plain paper with the signature C.J. Rick Cox, Regional Safety Officer....

In a telephone conversation with Bob Pearce, Communications Manager for BCAS it was learned that Rick Cox is an employee of the Ministry of Transport and Highways, and that the warning was obtained by Mr. Cox via the Internet. Mr. Pearce said that the warning originated in Connecticut and has no relevance in BC.

In an article in the TIMES COLONIST of 22 July further information was published on this warning and the conclusion was that the rumor was unfounded. Additional information was received by the RECORD from librarian Anne Henkelman who said that the whole thing was reminiscent of the old "blue star acid alert" documented by Jan Harold Brunvant in his books on urban legends.

In a related incident on August 30 the RECORD received notice from the RCMP that the warning was on again as they had just received a report on their internal communications network that it was known that the tattoes were being distributed in BC. Subsequent information came in from other sources citing the RCMP that had drug bust being made in Coquitlam, and seizures of the Blue Stars by US Immigration. Each telling was more fantastic than the last. THE RECORD checked directly with the Coquitlam RCMP and learned that it was all still a hoax. Some officer in Midway, BC had picked up the earlier warning and for good measure broadcast it out to all BC detachments, and the fairy tale took off again. Coquitlam RCMP said that no bust was made, no known sightings of the Blue Star has ever been made to their knowledge, and that this story just does not want to die for some reason. They were not aware that it was being distributed through RCMP channels, but said that they would send out a notice to all detachments giving the facts of the case. Perhaps we should start a USENET news group called JW


Well, this thing do not die. The Campbell River MIRROR ran a large article based on the phoney information being passed out by the RCMP. Don't they check their sources?? I also hear that the radio station is passing this junk off too. They should not pass this crap around until they can talk to someone who has actually seized one of the tattoos in question. When I tried to find some one it led to a dead end and a cop who said it was all bogus.

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