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All Your Questions Answered!

Ok, what you've all been waiting for. These are the responses from the growers themselves. I haven't made any changes to the answers besides a few misspelled words. Occasionally I have inserted my own remarks; these are placed in {{ double curly brackets }}.

There's a lot of information here. I've only done approximate analysis in part one of the survey. The trends are obvious. A patient person who has $150 devoted to mushroom growing can have 90% success.

Survey Responses

Response #001

=01a= I've tried to grow, with extremely little success, P. cubensis, from spores packaged by Syzygy, the hawaiian company that advertises in McKennas' book on the topic.

=02a= I've tried the agar-culture to brown rice method. I've also tried putting the spores right in brown rice.

=03a= All of my cakes eventually succumbed to contamination at various stages. All the times I tried it I did around 18 quart jars at a time. {{ The failure was probably due to the large jar size. }}

=04a= I've tried to do it i think four times. maybe three.

=05a= I've never made my own spore prints.

=06a= I've never been able to successfully fruit.

=10a= The jars were in a plastic-lined cabinet, with the tops loosely sealed. They all eventually got contaminated in here. I used a lava lamp in with them to keep them warm. One time when we got a bunch of good cakes, uncontaminated, my roommate took them all and put them in a styrofoam box, where they caught a green mold and never fruited.

=15a= Next time, which will probably be within a few months, I'm going to try the PF technique. I think I'll use an ultrasonic humidifier to keep them moist. If it works I'll use the cultures to innoculate brown-rice jars and try to combine McKenna's methods as well.

Response #002

=01a= Ps cubensis, Amazonian strain, which were obtained from PF in the form of a syringe.

=02a= PF.

=03a= Sterilized/innoculated five jars. None went bad.

=04a= Only one crop.

=05a= No.

=06a= 2 - 3.

=07a= 31 for most; some, that were too waterlogged, took more.

=08a= About 40.

=09a= Most were small (with caps about 1 inch across); I used 1/2-pint jars.

=10a= I used the PF grow terrarium, and used both manual and auto-humidification techniques. The terrarium was always very humid. Air flow was controlled manually, as PF prescribes.

=11a= No.

=12a= I'm thinking of saving them for future culturing, and maybe try to spread some outside. According to Stamets, if saved properly, they will preserve for literally years (one person saved some for 27 years!).

=13a= I ate them freshly picked on an empty stomach with plenty of water. They seemed no more potent than other strains I've had.

=14a= Order and read all of the PF Tek reports. It may take a good 5 - 10 readings before you fully understand some of the concepts. Also, Paul Stamets' _The Mushroom Cultivator_. Actually, I would suggest going through the entire PF process first, so that patience is not a problem and also because _TMC_ is easier to understand once you have some experience behind you. _TMC_ is a great resource for people who have started out with PF and are thinking of expanding yields by innoculating trays.

It additionally becomes clear, after reading _TMC_, that this is the book that PF used to devise its technique.

Response #003


Yeah, next time you ask for a survey, tell them exactly whay its about. Hey, I just hit reply, and realised since as of yet, I haven't grown any, this does not apply to me. Sorry, you'll be the first to know my results.. {{ Well? Anything 'pop up' yet? }}

Response #004

=01a= Stropharia cubensis, Amazonian strain from Szyzgy.

=02a= Jars of rye berries.

=03a= About 50/50.

=04a= 2.

=05a= No.

=06a= 2.

=07a= 5-9.

=08a= 22.

=09a= About 4 to 5 inches.

=10a= Spray bottle... I think that is why it didn't work so well.

=11a= No.

=12a= Compost heap.

=13a= Ate them... Same as most cubensis I've had.


Response #005

=01a= P. Cubensis. P.F.

=02a= P.F. Vermiculite, and Wild bird seed. (In Progress)

=03a= 80-100% with PF Vermiculite, WBS in progress.

=04a= 5

=05a= No.

=06a= usually 2-3.

=07a= usually 1 month.

=08a= usually 40-60.

=09a= stems usually 3-6 in., caps 1-3 in.

=10a= Manual spraying; cheapo humidifier; bubbler tek in progress.

=11a= usually doubled amount in Brown Rice flour in PF recipe.

=12a= Tossed in garbage in hopes to inoculate landfill.

=13a= Chewed em' dried and fresh, very excellent, no maoi's used.

=14a= The PF tek, then McKenna, then Stamets.

Response #006

=01a= Psilocybe cubensis. Spores from PF.

=02a= PF method

=03a= Used seven jars. Only one didn't produce.

=04a= One.

=05a= Haven't tried it yet.

=06a= 3 to 4.

=07a= 2 1/2 to 3 weeks.

=08a= about 27.

=09a= Used 1/2 pint jars. Shrooms were very small. When they seemed to drop off their fruiting I tried a tip I read on this list. I put some moist vermiculite around the cakes. They then produced a couple of shrroms that were 3 times larger than the ones I had been getting. But they didn't produce any more after that...

=10a= Hand spraying and hand fanning. 10 gallon aquarium.

=11a= No.

=13a= Made tea. Less potent than others I've had. Tried peganum harmala as an MAOI, and it worked well.

=15a= It's easy and fun!

Response #007

=01a= PF only.

=02a= (1) Standard PF method with bown rice flour/vermiculite PF substrate. (2) Mycellium only method with PF syringes, grown on Rye - no attempt to fruit.

=03a= I have sterilized about 20 jars. Lost about 13. Very low yield on another 4. This is with the fruiting method only.

For the mycelium only method I have done 6 jars. Lost 2. The other 4 yielded very potent mind blowing mycelium.

=04a= The mycelium method generated enough for about 5 trips.

I have only harvested about 10 average sized mushrooms so far but I am in the middle of a good fruiting growth stage now with 8 jars (standard 1/2 pint PF tecnique) and have many more on the way. These cakes have a total of at least 20 shrooms nearing maturation. This is the first flush.

=05a= No.

=06a= Counting duds less than 1 on average. One good flush is all I've been able to get so far even on good cakes. I am testing tecniques to fix this this time around including increased humidity and adding casing.

=07a= Sorry I haven't kept good records on this. I'd better not guess. I wait until the jars are totally white without exception. I will not remove them until the entire cake is colonized (especially the bottom of the jar) even if I am getting fruiting inside the jars no matter how long this takes. This causes wide variance (a week or more) in birthday from jar to jar. I lost my first batch because I didn't do this.

=08a= Mine have been slow. It has taken about 4 weeks from birthday to first harvest.

=09a= Smallish (1 inch caps) with occasional huge ones - 3 inch caps. These were all 1/2 pint jars.

=10a= Home made. Steam humidifier in the bottom of two stacked plastic storage containers connected by a drier hose. Humidity is controlled indirectly by a thermostat on the steam humidifier that holds the temperature at a settable level. I do not seal the top tightly but leave one end of the top (far end from humidifier hose) cracked very slightly. There are lights at the sides of the top container near the lid.

=11a= No.

=12a= Trash them. i thought they were dead. This time I am going to try resizing to larger jar with new medium.

=13a= I have not used Maoi's. They seem too dangerous to me. Mushrooms were fairly potent but I have no basis for comparison. I need at least 5 for potent enough dose. Fresh mycelium directly on digested medium has been the most potent by weight I believe.

=14a= I have not used any reference books. The PF technique and the net has been my only source of knowledge.

=15a= Can't wait to see the results. Thanks.

Response #008

=01a= Cubensis. PF.

=02a= PF

=03a= 100% rate with the steam sterilization method.

=04a= 2.

=05a= No.

=06a= Both series are still flushing. At 3 and 1

=07a= I kept mine in the cups for 7! weeks, but only becourse I didn't have proper growing chamber. Pinheads were already forming in the cups..

=08a= 7 weeks *about* and 4 days. Could have done it in about 25 days.

=09a= Oddly each mushroom is bigger than the earlier ones, from 3 cm high to 5 cm high cubensis.

=10a= By spraying. My growing chamber is simple freezerbox (like ones used on picnics and such) with a spray shield sividing the space intyo 2, and 18w fluorescent providing warmth and light.

=11a= No.

=12a= Not through that yet.

=13a= Not tried this own grown yet.

=14a= PF. PF! And of course my mushroom FAQ =).. McKenna and Psychedelics Encyclopedia.

=15a= None. It was very easy.

===== Response #009 I've been growing fungus for about three years now, and have had 3 spawns (periods of time when the fungus was alive and retained).

=01a= 1st + 3rd spawns: Psylocybin Cubensis, 2nd spawn: Psylocybin Cyansis 1st + 2nd spawns: Homestead Book Company, 3rd spawn: PFanaticus

=02a= 1st spawn: brown rice then birdseed, 2nd spawn: birdseed, 3rd spawn: PFanaticus mixture

=03a= 1st + 2nd spawns: About 60% good, 40% bad, 3rd spawn (PF) 100%. I innoculated about 60 jars with 1st spawn, 40 jars with 2nd, and about 40 with 3rd spawn.

=04a= By crops, if you mean groups of jars in the growing chamber going through all flushings, about 20 crops.

=05a= Yes I have used my own spore prints- the yields were about the same - except for the Cyansis which is not a high-yield fungus.

=06a= 3-4.

=07a= 1st + 2nd spawns (big jars and birdseed): 2 months, 3rd spawn (PF): about 4 weeks.

=08a= 1st + 2nd spawns (big jars and birdseed): 4 months, 3rd spawn (PF): about 2 months.

=09a= The largest mushroom I grew pushed the top off the terrarium and the cap measured over 2.5 inches in diameter.

=10a= Always a tight, clean terrarium/aquarium.

=11a= I have experimented with V8 juice and hot sauce in the agar, and with oatmeal and honey in the substrate medium. I did not notice any increase in growth - it was more for the novelty.

=12a= I threw them in the forest out front at first, but the squirrels started acting funny, so I throw them in the garbage now.

=13a= I eat them fresh on an empty stomach for the best trip. Otherwise I dry them using no heat (a fan blowing against them on a dry day is good) on a window screen, grind them in a coffee grinder and put them in large geletin capsules.

No MAOIs, but I'm very interested in the use of organic MAO inhibitors with fungus, so be sure to publish the results of this question.

=14a= Both of Paul Stamet's books are invaluable.

=15a= Yes please see attached visual.

{{ The respondant replied that the picture represents his visions reality during a trip -- hmm, now I can see that! }}

Response #010

Not that I'm admitting to anything, but I thought you might like some info about Homestead Book Company and other spore companies. Sorry, but I'd rather not answer those other slightly incriminating questions... =15a= Yep! I ordered spore prints from Homestead and every one was contaminated and they do not guarantee their products. However, Pacific Exotic Spora from Honolulu fully guarantees their spore prints and I am impressed and satisfied with their products.

Response #011

=01a= P. cubensis from PF. I also obtained spores from Homestead, but had no success with them. I wholeheartedly recommend PF for obtaining quality spores.

=02a= Brown Rice, Rye, and the PF tech using rice flour, rye flour and a 50% combination. I never got either of the pure grain cultures to fruit, but instead used them for mycelium. After some initial problems with the PF method, I have nearly 100% success with fruiting.


=03a= The only failures I had were trying to get the all-grain jars to fruit.

I have had 100% success using whole grain to grow mycelium for extraction.

Later on, I switched to the PF technique and quickly learned to get reliable fruiting. My initial difficulties were solved when: 1) I realized that I was packing the media way to tight (it must be loose and airy), and 2) I built an automatic humidifier. After both these improvements, I got high, reliable yield.

{{ Note the packing the medium too tight problem! PF says "lightly" and they mean it! }}

I don't sell or give away any of my crop for legal reasons, so I get more than enough to keep me supplied. I consider these ethnobotanicals a key to my religious experience, and would fight for the right to continue to use them on that basis. I believe it strengthens my position if I never give away or sell any of my crop. I would be happy to give spores to a friend, though. Just the minor hassle of learning to grow them for yourself is a big enough "rite-of-passage" to keep out insincere or unstable people.

=04a= Perhaps four or five batches of mycelium, and three batches of PF grown to fruiting.

=05a= I just now ran out of my initial supply of spore syringes (I bought 8 and kept them in the refrigerator - they maintained potency for over a year!), but have succeeded in making a fair number of nice spore prints in sterile petri dishes, so I have no doubts of being able to continue the process indefinitely.

=06a= One really large flush, and then perhaps two more of dwindling yield.

=07a= Same as stated in the PF tech notes. (From memory: ~2-3 weeks) This works *much* faster if you are careful not to *over*pack your growing mix. If you pack it real firm, it may take two months rather than two weeks for complete colonization. Under these conditions, the mycelium is so exhausted that you will get little fruiting when you finally remove the block from the jar.

=08a= My last batch was started 6/6 and a few jars were fruiting by 7/6 (however we've had real hot weather).

{{ 31 days to edible shrooms is a "good setup" average turnover. }}

=09a= I don't know about the relation to jar size. All mine were grown in 8 oz. widemouth mason jars. The mushrooms varied from two to four inches in length with caps 3/4" to 2" in diameter.

=10a= I decided to go "first class" on my growing apparatus. I wanted something that would be "zero-maintainance".

I went to the local store and bought a transparent tupperware storage box that was 2' x 3' x 6" (LWH) in size. I use it upside down, so the shrooms are growing on the lid, and the box itself serves as a big transparent dome.

To keep the mycelial blocks off the damp lid, I use a section of plastic fluorescent-light grid material as a spacer. This stuff is sold at any hardware store in the lighting section, and consists of little quarter inch square grids in a sheet of white plastic about 1/4" thick. I cut this to fit the bottom of the box and consequently didn't have to fiddle with using jar lids as spacers (as suggested by PF). The open grid structure also gives better ventilation and prevents rotting of the blocks by getting wet.

The humidifier is a ultrasonic model made by "Holmes", sold at BEST for $49. The cool thing about this model is that the vapor outlet is *exactly* the same size as standard 2" plastic sewage pipe collar. I was able to cut a hole in the top of the tupperware box to accept a 2" plastic threaded tee fitting. The tee sits inside the box and acts as a baffle to spread the vapor around. By using about $3.00 of standard plastic fittings (straights, couplers, and right angles), I was able to plumb the outlet of the humidifier right into the top of the tee fitting of my box.

I also bought a 4-event electronic timer to run the humidifier. The timer goes on at 6 and 12 AM, and 6 and 12 PM for 2 minutes. The humidifier itself is set on high. To complete the system, I have a cheap light timer to run a small fluorescent light on a 12 hour on/off cycle.

Total cost of growing setup was

tupperware box $12.00 plastic pipe, fittings $3.00 electronic timer $29.00 cheap timer $1.00 (got this one at the goodwill!) humidifier $49.00 light -- (already had one) - ------- ------ Total 96.00

This looks like a lot, but is a lifetime investment in a totally automatic, self sustaining, entheogen source. (I easily spend this much on books every two months!)

=11a= I have tried adding powdered calcium tablets to the PF mix with uncertain results. I don't think it helped.

One thing that *did* improve yield was to use a 50/50 mixture of rye and brown rice flour. This mix permeated sooner, and fruited more heavily than either pure mix. The pure brown rice flour did almost as well as the mix. The pure rye was very slow to colonize, and fruited poorly. This may be because the rye flour made a denser mix.

{{ Note that some additives may improve colonization but that doesn't /necessarily/ mean it'll improve fruiting, later on. Personally I'd say we could use an additive that prolongs the fruiting cycle. }}

=12a= You can't eat the PF cakes because of the vermiculite.

{{ Not according to another respondant who checked with a vermaculite manufacturer and a poison control center; but who knows if they've done correct studies. I doubt anyone would *want* to eat vermaculite! Perhaps make a tea by simmering the cake for 20 minutes after pulverizing it? }}

I usually bury these in one of my favorite forest spots. P.cubensis probably won't grow here due to colder winters, but perhaps it will hybridize with some of the more hardy local strains. (?) Anyway it seemed like the best thing to do to honor this ancient organism.

I originally ate the pure-grain blocks for their mycelium, but this was unpalatable. I soon switched to using cranberry juice to extract the mycelium. I usually dispose of the left-over rye media in the compost heap.

=13a= I have tried P.harmala (3 grams, powdered and dissolved in water acidified with Ascorbic acid), but it only enhanced things slightly, and tasted pretty nasty. Sterile seeds are widely available from many sources for use as a natural dye.

Because I am only growing the mushrooms for my private, religious usage, I have no need to use MAO inhibitors to "stretch" my supply. The potency of the PF strain appears to exceed the published averages. A single, fresh, mushroom 2 inches long, with a 1/2" cap is a quite strong entheogen. Three such mushrooms are sufficient to start visual "hallucinations".

=14a= 1) Magic mushroom grower's guide by Oss and Oeric 2) PF tech notes 3) Pharmocotheon by Ott. 4) The book by Stamet's et. al on commercial mushroom cultivation

=15a= Buy a good pressure cooker, the biggest you can afford. Get one with a metal-metal seal that bolts down with thumbscrews and has a good pressure gauge. Read the directions well.

Look at mycological and plant tissue-culture books to learn about techniques for sterile handling of cultures.

You should at least build a glove-box for doing your innoculations and for making spore syringes. Get a lab-quality alcohol lamp for sterilizing your tools.

I use a $70 home air filter made by "Holmes". This unit does double-duty for the mushroom cultivator. First, it is a true High-Efficiency-PArticulate filter (HEPA). When left to run all day it makes the room *much* more sterile for doing your work. Secondly, the air comes in the front of the unit and exits out from grids on the top. Setting fresh mushrooms on the filter outlet grid will dry them "cracker-hard" in one day without any blueing or noticeable breakdown. Be ruthless about your sterile precautions. Later on, you'll learn what corners you can cut.

Read everything you can on Eastern mystic thought (eg: The Tibetan book of the Dead, or "The Psychedelic Experience" by Leary), and everything you can on the beliefs of the mexican and south-american cultures who routinely use these plants shamanically (eg: "The world is as you dream it", or anything by George Wasson). Learn about cosmology and read as much as you can about quantum mechanics (eg: popular books like: "The Dancing Wu Li masters", anything on the EPR experiment (proving the existence of super-luminal connections in *our* universe). Look into TaiChi, the I-Ching, and taoist thought. Reread Thoreau, and any books on the subject of nature and ecosystems. Learn about Genetics, DNA, the theory of evolution. Think about who built the pyramids (and why). Read anything you can on the theory of conciousness. Reread Carlos Castenada's books and see if you can figure out what he is actually trying to say through all the hyperbole. Learn the game of "go", and try playing with Conway's computer cellular automaton: "Life". Travel widely: seek to experience how other cultures are different than your own (hint: don't stay in the Hilton). Have a heart-to-heart talk with a street person - find out how they view the world. Try to empathize with the worldview of that pesky racoon that dumps your garbage cans in the night and then hides all day to avoid detection. Read haiku, think upon zen koans, listen to Wagner.

In short, don't leave any stone unturned. Seek and ye shall find. The entheogenic experience can only help you make connections between things that you have already learned or studied. If you want to better understand "god", you had better do your homework - otherwise you will probably only find yet another way to pointlessly waste your time. Remember: better men that you have spent their entire lives, singlemindedly in this pursuit. You are a fool if you don't take advantage of any help they can give you.

{{ Here here! Mushrooms are meant to be a philosophical and religious experience. Feed your mind before you ingest, and interpret the visions you see afterwards! }}

Be reasonable. Don't take mushrooms unless you are comfortable with the set and setting - and are *certain* that it will remain comfortable for at least 8 hours. Clean your house before hand - unplug your phone. Allow one day to recuperate. I find it good to partake early Saturday, fully refreshed, and leave all day Sunday so that I am ready for work on Monday.

Know the truth, and it shall set you free.

Response #002

=01a= a) Psilocybe cubensis (from: brasil; sumatra; via US: lux natura, mushroompeople, FMRC, mushroom kingdom - and all these strains were amazingly similar in potency)

b) "Psilocybe cyanescens astoria ossip" (US) (cold-weather !) c) shiitake, pleurotus, stropharia rugoso-annulata, agaricus (from commercial and self-made spawn)

d) macrolepiota, agaricus, russula, marasmius, psilocybe semilanceata, armillaria, ... (collected from their natural habitat)

=02a= 1) agarcultures (using glove-box, ..), carefully selecting the best strains

2) -grain (barley, oats, rye, wheat, millet; usually mixtures) in jars and (autoclavable) plastic-bags, indoors (a)

3) (grainspawned) straw (wheat or rye) or compost, indoors (a) 2+3: cultures are short-lived

4) (grainspawned) woodchips, PERENNIAL outdoors NATURAL CULTURE (b)

5) wood (or (news)paper), straw, compost (c)

6) lots of shrooms, including those that are symbiotic with certain plants, can be allowed to grow (with varying success-rates) by just preparing the right environment/substrate and inoculating abundantly with the spore-deposit from (many, big) ripe fruiting-bodies. (may take a few years, however. may last for many years then, too!)

=03a= dishes: usually more than 90 % jars: usually more than 80 %

=04a= cubensis: 1982-92. enough, but with a lot of (repeated sterile) work.

"cyanescens astoria ossip": 1991, 92, 93, 94. only one run of sterile-lab-work. outdoor beds are still expanding. one just has to feed and water them. MUCH LESS WORK.

=05a= - - enormously increased yield. - - inoculating jars with spores directly: hardly - - germinating spores on agar, selecting a promising strain, .. YEA, HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE, because with every "generation" you can get a more vigorous best strain !!

=06a= 3, at most 4. On trays with straw often only 2!

=07a= that varies a lot. BUT THE FASTER THE BETTER.

=08a= cubensis: minimum about 1 month. often a lot more. - much faster. but only a few flushes.

astoria: 1/2 year - much slower. but practically forever.

=09a= cubensis: always smaller than reported from cow pastures.

ps. cyan. astoria ossip: the bigger ones I had were more than 3" in diameter, up to 25 g fresh weight and 1.5 g dry weight (very high water-content!) (and getting a little bigger each year, he he he)

=10a= aquarium, walled with cloth. spraying. airpump, ..

=11a= yes. several experiments showed no significant difference, however.

{{ But for the record, what did you add? }}

=12a= (cubensis only) Re-casing? yea, just before they were completely through.

Bury them in a forest? Nope. too cold here.

Compost heap? Yes.

Eat them? Yuk. Not after I had my first 5 g dry of cubensis fruits.

=13a= fresh - works fine. not easy to determine dosage exactly, however. dried - whole. DISRECOMMENDED ! unreliable. effects may be much weaker and/or considerably delayed.

dried+ground, preferably mix a bigger batch of shrooms (which may be of different individual strength) into a homogenous material, so that doses can be reliably measured ! weigh out individual doses ! (Xceed! Xceed! but with delicacy - play it safe !!)

(from a team of expert testers + some analytical results)

cubensis: always around 0.5 % (dry weight) total

astoria ossip, semilanceata: 1.1 - 1.3 % total

(where "total" = %psilocybin + 1.4*%psilocyn)

=14a= +++ PMMGG--O.T.Oss/O.N.Oeric +++ growing wild mu's- B.Harris ++++ MushroomCultivator- P.Stamets ++- FMRC's journal TheMushroomCulture +++ Integration (J.for mind-moving plants & culture)

=15a= 1) ___GREAT___ i wanted to do just the same survey, and am ___VERY HAPPY___ that you started it already !!!!!!!!!!!

2) Psilocybe Cyanescens Astoria Ossip - loves cold weather, grows as BIG as psilocybe cubensis, but is much stronger (2x or more!), as POTENT as psilocybe semilanceata - and it is VERY EASY TO GROW as a PERENNIAL on woodchips, outdoors !!!

3) Don't go for the fast + easy way (of growing shrooms) Growing shrooms can be as mind-expanding as eating them. Take your time and don't miss that!

4) stropharia rugoso-annulata is grown commercially on bales of straw, placed on the ground, soaked or pasteurized, and using spawn grown on straw (and NOT grain-spawn!, which seems to be much inferior in this case).

psilocybe cubensis (aka. stropharia cubensis !), which is very, very similar, could prob also be grown, using this method.

Response #013

=01a= Psilocybe Cubensis. From PF.

=02a= PF.

=03a= I innoculated 10 half pint jars. None had any contamination. All of them produced mushrooms.

=04a= One crop.

=05a= No.

=06a= Hard to tell..maybe two.

=07a= 3 weeks.

=08a= 24 days.

=09a= The largest was about 6 inches long. with a 2.5 inch cap.

=10a= I used a 10 gallon aquarium. I used PF's auto humidification technique.

=11a= No.

=12a= I cased one, and left the rest in the aquarium. I pick about one or two mushrooms a day from the cakes in the aquarium. The cased one isn't doing anything. I think it dried out.

=13a= I ate some of them raw and the rest i dried. I had never tried mushrooms before i grew them, i have done acid many times tho.

Response #014

I dont grow mushrooms, I just harvest them from the wild.

So far I havent lucked onto any psycoactive types, just the common edible types, but they are wonderfully tastefull anyway.

Im not flaming you for being a narc because your message seems to be legit, and you encourage people to annonymously post (which the feds wouldnt do) but be aware that you are asking in a public forum for people to admit to illegal acts (at least in the USA). If you are not a narc, then expect them to be knocking on your door any day now! Paranoia is an important survival trait in today's world, dont you think?

{{ Thanks for the reality check. }}

Response #015

=01a= Ps. cubenies from Psilocybe Fanaticus.

=02a= PF substrate.

=03a= 1st batch, 50%, 2, 75%, 3rd on 100%.

=04a= 3 and no {{ no=not paranoid :-) }}

=05a= not yet.

=06a= ? {{ One of a few people who didn't know what "flushes" were. }}

=07a= 4-7.

=08a= 31>.

=09a= 1 to 7 inches, varied greatly in each jar.

=10a= PF's dual chambered terarrium.

=11a= No.

=12a= Trash them, had plenty of shrooms.

=13a= Crush into powder and swallow with OJ, minimal NASTY taste. One time I almost puked simply from the taste of the chew and grind method.

{{ More people should make tea, it seems to me! }}

=14a= All I saw was hyperreal and was more than educated.

=== End of Internet Mushroom Grower's Survey, part TWO of THREE, Version 05. ===

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