Internet Mushroom Grower's Survey

Version 05, 12/95


(F. Fungus)


This is the Internet Mushroom Grower's Survey Version 05. If you're a grower, you definitely want to read this. If you aren't a grower, reading this might make you one! This survey is *chock-full* of valuable information. It is easy, fun, and practical to grow mushrooms for use in your personal psychedelic religious rituals.

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Part 1: Contains survey questions & philosophy.[Download part 1]
Part 2: Contains responses #001-#015.[Download part 2]
Part 3: Contains responses #011-#030.[Download part 3]

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My Own Thoughts on Growing

In a time when doctors love handing out Prozac and other mind-bending _symptom_ solving drugs, mushrooms get right to the heart of the matter and induce spiritual, intellectual, and philosophical well-being. Yet they are illegal. Why? No one is sure, yet they have almost NO known side effects -- in fact, mushrooms have been in use for at least 1000 years (Aztecs, and before that, mushroom artifacts date the usage) so it has one of the longest running medical histories for any substance. In fact, the only side effects of mushrooms are: possible slight nausea, not wanting to be part of "the machine", and sore face muscles from smiling and laughing so damn much. If laws against drugs are supposedly in the interests of "Public Health and Safety" then there are no reasons for mushrooms to be illegal.

The only reason mushrooms are illegal probably results from cultural differences between the colonizing West and "the savages". Either that, or from conservative middle-class paranoia & religious angst. It's time we outgrew the useless laws of the past.

I do not believe in selling mushrooms. They should be free. Give them away to your friends; don't sell them. In fact, I don't believe in black market economy at all.

The War On Drugs is a dismal failure. I don't advocate across-the-board legalization, but definite reform needs to be made to make private use OK for non-harmful drugs. Why should it be illegal for me to enjoy myself, if there are no health risks involved? Why don't I have freedom of religion if it's one of my inalienable rights?

Mushrooms should not be used for escapism. In fact, their nature almost contradicts it. If you are in an escapist mindset before you indulge, you will not have a good time.

Mushrooms *should* be used for spiritual and emotional happiness. Sharing them with close friends strengthens relationships. Mushrooms teach you truths about yourself and about others. If you don't see visions that teach you about your life after eating mushrooms, you're probably doing something wrong.

Everyone! should join the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to protect our freedom of speech online. The Internet is a great tool for reforming our government. If the gov't takes away our rights to speak then reform becomes that much more difficult. Did you know some senators are actively petitioning for police (even if off-duty) to patrol the Internet? Funny, I've /never/ seen a cop patrolling a library. And everyone! should use PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) to protect their data. Did you know some senators are actively petitioning to make the transmission of encrypted data (unescrowed) a FEDERAL CRIME? Get involved; fight for your online rights of privacy & free speech.

Please see the Philosophy section for more. And for even more information on growing, mushrooms, and drugs in general, or See in particular the Psilocybe Mushroom FAQ and Psychedelic Experience FAQ, written altruistically by Gnosis & other great people.

The Scientific Facts (& Death to Urban Legends!)

Vitamin C, orange juice, and/or other fruit does not "activate" a mushroom experience. It is just as healthy as sober, however. Other effects are placebo. Don't overdose on vitamins because you think it enhances the effect. However,

I'd strongly suggest eating some fruit during your trip (it's the most wonderful thing-- really!). Drinking/eating a small amount of anything may help in digestion of the mushrooms and speed the chemicals on their way. Drinking some water is suggested. (Since one of the side-effects of Psilocybin may also be increated sweating, it is advised you drink water anyway, to prevent dehydration.)

There is NO strychnine in mushrooms. There is no strychnine in LSD, either. In fact, there's no strychnine added to any drugs! If you don't believe me, ask your local organic chemist *or better yet* go to the library.

Flashbacks do not happen for mushrooms (or any psychedelic). You can, however, remember the experience of the trip and work your mind & emotions to re-experience the memory of the trip (just like with any significant event).

Mushrooms do not show up on standard drug tests (urine or blood). Psilocybin does not stay in the body for an appreciable amount of time, and drug tests are not designed to test for it. (If you have additional information to add to this please let me know.)

You can make tea with mushrooms because Psilocybin is water soluble. Mushrooms sometimes cause stomach pains because they are tough to digest; tea solves this problem. (Psilocybin may cause slight nausea itself, but not as much as un-chewed mushrooms.)

Since slight nausea may be a side effect of Psilocybin itself, the best way to avoid the nausea after ingesting is to lay down (and there's plenty to look at, anyway!). There is some evidence that the pre-conception of nausea may create more extreme nausea (so don't ingest and "expect" to get sick; not everyone does).

Mushrooms can be very visual, very emotional, or very abstract. It all depends on your mindset before ingestion and the environmental setting during the trip.

The most obvious physical sign that you have ingested Psilocybin or Psilocin is widening of the pupils. Wear sunglasses in bright lighting (it could be unhealthy otherwise, let alone painful); it may be better to ingest and trip and night. Besides the eyes, you may sweat more than normal or have slight muscle twitches. Note that it may be difficult for other people to tell that you are tripping [especially on a light dose]. This is comforting; you *can* interact with sober people and they *probably* won't know your condition, if you wear sunglasses. Contrary to what you might believe during a trip, no one knows what your mind is experiencing.

Both Psilocin and Psilocybin are present in mushrooms, but Psilocybin gets converted to Psilocin in your gut, and Psilocin in a mushroom is present in trace quantities only. Psilocin is an unstable molecule and breaks down in the mushroom almost immediately; but that doesn't matter much since there is so much more Psilocybin in mushrooms than Psilocin (99:1 ratio depending on species). Psilocybin /also/ breaks down in mushrooms, but only when exposed to excessive heat; it's best to keep fresh mushies cool. Note that freezing wet mushrooms will destroy the cell walls of the shroom and oxidize the Psilocybin so don't put them in the freezer: the 'fridge is just fine.

Due to the thermal breakdown of Psilocybin, mushrooms should never be dried with heat. Also, there have been continued discrepencies in fresh mushroom trips vs. dry mushroom trips, even if the shrooms have been dried without heat. The trip differences may be due to mental preconception or it may be a molecular change over time, who knows.

Also due to the thermal breakdown of Psilocybin, smoking mushrooms does not work. Making tea, however, does work;

Psilocybin does not break down at the temperature of simmering water (100 C). Some use lemon juice (or other acidic juice) in the tea to aid in extraction of Psilocybin; however, Psilocybin is very water soluble and this is unnecessary. (If anyone has more information about the molecular nature of the active ingredients, please let me know.)

The *entire* mushroom should be eaten. Neither the cap nor stem contain more magic. You can also eat/make tea from mushroom mycellium (fuzz); however, it is better to let the fuzz grow into mushrooms to create more mass of ingestable substance.

Physical and emotional symptoms such as shivering, anxiety, aching joints, tired muscles, and fear are usually the result of holding back. If you have any of these problems during a trip, repeat the following to yourself (or outloud): "Just let the trip flow. Relax and let the mushroom take me whereever it needs to." Sounds hokey; it works wonders.

Mirrors, knives, animals, people, fire, daylight, moonlight, sound, cars, and other objects or sensory input are only as dangerous as you let them be. There is no magical "looking in a mirror is bad!". There is only what your mind perceives as "bad". Note, however, that sensory input which is annoying or disturbing (terribly distorted music, strangely flashing lights, uncomfortable room temperatures, irksome neighbors or roommates) can "seep" into your consciousness and make you feel emotionally down-- this usually leads to things going "bad". Remove the annoying stimulus and things should go smoothly again.

Some people do lose control of common sense during a trip, and feel they are invincible, immortal, or unaffected by the material world. Recognize this as part of the hallucination and move on. Do not step in front of cars or jump from windows to test your hallucinatory theory.

Hallucinogenics do not make people violent or aggressive. Alcohol, however, does.

It is BAD practice to mix alcohol and psychoactives. However, psilocybian beer does work for some (since it is ingested for the psilocybin content, not the alcohol content). You can't feel drunk while tripping, and alcohol will turn a nice trip into a nightmare.

Marijuana may increase certain aspects of the mushroom trip if smoked at any time. Personally I like to take mushrooms straight. I find MJ makes me feel "dumb" (it effects verbal centers, making it even harder to express myself; it effects legarthy, making me want to lie there even more; and it effects concentration, making my mind wander). Your milage may vary.

Psychedelics have a quick cross-tolerance. 'Shrooming one day and L-dropping the next may not have a great effect. You wouldn't want to do this anyway, though. It's far too tiring.

Long term dosing in an attempt to acheive nirvana probably won't work. The best religious truths are realized when the ritual is followed at most once every few months. In between trips you can try to integrate the fundamental truths your tripping mind has exposed to you.

If you believe mushrooms have little or no relation to religion, you aren't experiencing a full-blown trip. But this doesn't mean you should take a huge dose to attain satori either.

Survey History



Gnosis (& others I unfortunately forget), for their presence on the newsgroups & for the FAQs. Edmond, for the insanely valuable list. All VPLers, for devotion, dedication, and insight. And all the respondants! For without whom this would be a very useless exercise.

Quick Survey Statistics

  1. 30 total responses.
  2. 22 people use spores from PF. 2 people use spores from Syzygy.
  3. 4 people use spores from Homestead and some complain about Homestead's contaminated spores or no-guarentee policy.
  4. PF-Tek method "in the right hands" (with good equipment) consistantly has above 90% success rate. Other methods have
  5. 50-80%.
  6. In the wrong hands (with sloppy setup or method) non-PF-Tek methods have 0% success rate. Sloppy PF-Tek has lower success rate but not 0%. (PF-Tek is much more foolproof.)
  7. About 2/3(?) of PF-Tek'rs use the bubbler tek and the others use ultrasonic. No statistical analysis has been done on this, but it is safe to assume that ultrasonic is the way to go. "Ultrasonic" meaning a humidifier which creates a super-fine mist without heat (see Response #29 for a great description). The ultrasonic humidifiers seem to create a much more uniform humidity level than the bubbler-tek does, and without the bubbling/pumping noise (for almost comparible price).
  8. In good setups, the first PF mushroom sprouts almost exactly on 31 days old, consistantly.
  9. A few use agar or other methods. These have lower success rate than PF-Tek, but agar produces a stronger strain; however, this is probably only needed in commercial production. But non-PF-Tek methods allow the use of bigger jars and thus, bigger shrooms.
  10. Two people used PF-Tek and steam sterilization with 100% success. (No pressure cooker needed.) No one replied with microwave stories. I'm convinced that microwave-sterilization is an urban legend.
  11. Not many growers use MAOI to trip harder, since they already have a great supply of shrooms.
  12. There is a great need for another good spore syringe distribution company. Depending on only one company (PF) is a bad idea. Why not start up your own company to distribute spore syringes? Distribution of spores is legal in all U.S. states except California.

HOW TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS (and help us all out!)


This survey is for informational purposes only. None of the replies will be used against anyone. I am not employed by the government. I am just a student in college performing a scientific survey. I like mushrooms, I eat them all the time on pizza and at restaurants. 8-)

All data I receive will be immediately stripped of header information and appended to the responses. Everything else I wipe and/or encrypt with PGP immediately. Get the latest version of PGP and protect your own data from prying eyes!

After I include your response, I have no way of knowing who wrote what. If you would like to ENCRYPT your response with PGP, you can now use the following PGP Public Key (use "pgp -eta myfile.txt internet-msurvey" as a command line; but don't encrypt the remailer header lines!):

Version: 2.6.2

To insert this public key into your keyring, copy this entire file (part A of the survey) to "key.asc". First verify the PGP signature on this part of the survey using "pgp key.asc". It should let you know that I signed this survey (and thus it has not been tampered with). If you do not get a good signature, or the signature header does not exist, e-mail me immediately. Once the signature has been verified it will create a non-signed version of this file called "key". Use "pgp -ka key" to add my public key to your keyring. If successful you can delete both the "key.asc" and "key" files. Don't forget to frequently backup your public and secret key rings according to the PGP documentation.


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In your response, either use the numbers given to mark your answers, or just quote the questions. I'll add your response and publish it in the next version. If you have already sent in a response, and would like to answer a question you haven't before, or would like to add to your answers, tell me which Reponse# is yours (from Part Two & Three--if you can tell), or just tell me you've already sent in a response and want to append just the new answer(s).

Please, if you've answered this survey before,


Note that I do not read newsgroups and any Usenet followups to this survey will not get my attention. E-mail replies only please.

DO NOT SEND IN A RESPONSE if it is past the date at the beginning of this file. Check that date and/or email me to see if I am accepting new responses.

Survey Questions

I have inserted the anonymous-remailer header for you. If you cut where it says and mail what's left over to any cypherpunk remailer, you will be made completely anonymous. Pick one of the following remailer addresses to send the response to (or try finger for a current remailer listing):

Save the response you mailed to me (encrypted of course) *just in case* it doesn't make it into the next version of the survey (meaning it got lost in transit, bounced, &tc). Then you can send it again later. Remember, you are passing on valuable scientific data which can be used to help everyone else out. Don't let the data get lost.

Subject: SURVEY! ! !
(Do not encrypt the above lines with PGP if sending through a
remailer! Add them at the top of the encrypted text file.)
What kind of mushroom(s) have you cultivated, and where did
you obtain the spores?
What growing method(s) have you used? (brown rice, PF, agar,
.. note any details!)
What is your success rate with the method(s) used? (How
many jars or dishes did you sterilize, and how many went bad,
if any)
How many crops have you cultivated? (Paranoid yet? Don't
worry, you're anonymous! :-)
Have you used your own spore prints to innoculate further
jars, and how did this increase your yield? The speed of
growth? The amount of fruiting?
How many flushes, approximately, do you obtain per jar? (How
many cycles of shrooms can you harvest from one cake before
that cake stops producing)
What was your yield for each flush? (Grams in dry shrooms, wet
shrooms, or if the weight is unknown then the number of
How many days did it take for the fuzz to permiate your
growing medium? (How many days until their birthday)
How many days, total, until the first 'shroom was picked?
What were the physical sizes of the mushrooms you cultivated?
How might this relate to the jars (or other container) the
mushrooms grew in?
How did you maintain humidity and air flow to the mycelium?
What kind of growing chamber did you use?
Did you add any special vitamins, minerals, or other to
increase growth?
What did you do with the cakes after they were through
flushing? Re-casing? Bury them in a forest? Compost heap?
Eat them?
How did you dry your mushrooms?
How did you consume the mushrooms you cultivated? (Fresh,
dry? Whole, ground? In a tea? In a cooking recipe? With
other plants for synergy?)
How potent were your mushrooms in comparison to others
you've tried?
Did you use a MAOI to increase the experience, and if so, what
was it, and did you buy it or grow it?
Have you or others noticed any difference in the trip when you
have ingested DRY vs. WET mushrooms?
Have you or others noticed any difference in the trip when you
have ingested OLD (dried & preserved) vs. NEW (freshly picked
or recently dried) mushrooms? (Does the magic seem to
increase with age)
Are there any books or references you would suggest for
first-time or amateur growers? (Besides reading everything on
hyperreal) Any literature on the psychedelic experience in
Any additional comments? Any suggestions for this survey?
Thanks for answering this survey. E-MAIL the completed form to: with the Subject: SURVEY.
Remember to delete any extraneous text and your .signature file!


Philosophical & Political Ideas

(Some of these shamelessly stolen from EFF's Quote file.)

"Some people claim that legalization represents a daring and risky experiment, but they are wrong. Prohibition is the daring and risky experiment, and although it would be prudent to gather more comprehensive data on the results of this experiment in social engineering (Koshland 1989), it is safe to say as we approach the end of the eighth decade of federal control of inebriating drugs that the experiment has been a dismal and costly failure (Escohotado 1989a). Human and animal use of inebriants is as natural as any other aspect of social behavior; it is the attempt to control this normal animal drive that is bizarre and unnatural, as I stated at the outset, it is a crime against nature; against human and animal nature. [...]

...our societies have lost control over inebriating drug use by placing this outside the law. Every salvo in the quixotic "War on Drugs" is a backfire, a shot in society's own foot... we are hacking and hewing at the branches of the problem, never seeing the roots, which are the very laws against drugs. The problems we attribute to the "scourge of drugs" are the results of drug laws, not of drugs..."

-- Jonathan Ott, _Pharmacotheon_

"Laws do not persuade just because they threaten."

-- Seneca, 65 CE

"Good laws lead to the making of better ones; bad ones bring about worse."

-- Rousseau, "The Social Contract," 1762


-- Aldous Huxley

"One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws."

-- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. One should, for example, be able to see that things are hopeless and yet be determined to make them otherwise."

-- F. Scott Fitzgerald

"When they took the 4th Amendment, I was quiet because I didn't deal drugs. When they took the 6th Amendment, I was quiet because I am innocent. When they took the 2nd Amendment, I was quiet because I don't own a gun. Now they have taken the 1st Amendment, and I can only be quiet."

-- Myhr Lyle <>,

email signature file, 1995.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever does."

-- Margaret Mead

"The soft-minded man always fears change. He feels security in the status quo, and he has an almost morbid fear of the new. For him, the greatest pain is the pain of a new idea."

-- Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"Thoughtcrime was not a thing that could be concealed forever. You might dodge successfully for a while, even for years, but sooner or later they were bound to get you."

-- George Orwell, _1984_

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

-- Benjamin Franklin,

_Historical_Review_of_Pennsylvania_, 1759.

"For the sake of freedom and dignity, for the sake of democracy, in the interests of shoring up the battered U.S.

economy, it is time to call a truce in the "War on Drugs," an unconditional cease-fire."

-- Jonathan Ott, _Pharmacotheon_

"Every advance in civilization has been denounced while it was still recent."

-- Bertrand Russell


End of Internet Mushroom Grower's Survey, part ONE of THREE, Version 05.

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