Shrooms and MAO-Inhibitors

i was wondering, -------, if you've ever tried taking a combination of mushrooms and harmine/harmaline. harm(al)ine is found in the ayahuasca vine, syrian rue seeds (Peganum harmala), and in much lower concentration in passionflower. i've used the passionflower before, and it definitely has an effect when combined with either acid or mushrooms. with acid, it makes the drug effect feel more "natural" and much less uncomfortable - no cramps! - and also much stronger. i've had some very definite esp experiences on the combination - harmaline when it was originally isolated from ayahuasca vine was called "telepathine" because the natives believed (i think with good reason) that the ayahuasca (yage) potion produces clairivoyance in its users.

combining passionflower with mushrooms definitely seemed to intensify and alter the effect of the shrooms. i found the effect to be roughly double or triple what i'd expect from the ammount of shrooms i took, and it seemed to add a visionary dimension to the experience. i've only had true visions a couple times, and this was one of them. with eyes closed i "encountered" a weird "space" which seemed to be very much alive and filled with vague insectlike things. unfortunately i was distracted by a very annoying traveling companion & didn't have the opportunity to fully explore. at another point i saw very vividly, in great detail, a sculpture made of sticks and twine and decorated with those shiny little tropical shells that curl in on themselves. with eyes open everything seemed to be broken into scales or cells which glided back and forth against one another - very unlike the normal trip effect when things breathe or ripple - it seemed much more organic.

so, here's what you do: use an ounce or more of passionflower per serving. boil it in water for a while (at least 15 minutes, hopefully an hour or so). strain & add crumbled mushrooms, simmer gently for about 5 minutes or so. strain, squeezing the liquid from the mushroom mush, and serve. you can add a little mint for flavor. it actually tastes pretty good & by taking the mushrooms as tea you avoid gastric distress caused by the tough shroom fibers, which are pretty indigestible. i've found that taking mushrooms as tea even without the passionflower is much more reliable, since the tryptamines are absorbed more quickly - and the psychedelic effect has a lot to do with the rate of absorption.

how it works: harm(al)ine is a mild, short-acting monoamine oxidase (mao) inhibitor. mao is the family of enzymes in the body that's responsible for breaking down simple amines, including most (all?) psychedelics. in the brain mao is responsible for converting used seratonin into inactive metabolites. seratonin is almost identical in structure to psilocin and dmt. so when you take shrooms or acid with harm(al)ine, not only do you absorb more of it (because it isn't broken down in the digestive system as much), but it sticks around longer in the synapses - meaning the trip is more intense. in theory this should also extend the duration, and i think this is the case with higher dosages of harm(al)ine than i've tried.

one precaution is in order: it's possible that certain foods and drugs may have unfortunate (potentially fatal) reactions with mao inhibitors, since they basically eliminate one line of the body's defenses against certain types of chemicals. i've never heard of anyone having a problem with harm(al)ine, even people who use the highly-concentrated syrian rue seeds, but everyone reacts differently. so it's probably good to avoid the foods and drugs contraindicated by mao inhibitors - alcohol (esp. red wine), certain strong cheeses (particularly stilton), bananas, pepperoni, caffeine and most otc drugs, etc. however, i do know that caffeine-containing plants were often added to ayahuasca potions by certain south american natives, so it seems unlikely that this would be a problem. finally, passionflower has been widely used as a herbal sleep aid & no-one ever says anything about it having dangerous interactions with anything. of course, herbalists use it in small quantities...

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a dose of syrian rue seeds necessary to effect mao inhibition (judged by a dose of dmt becoming orally active) is about 2 grams. syrian rue is about 80 times as concentrated as passionflower. so that would seem to suggest that about 5 or 6 oz of passionflower would be needed for it to have any effect. however, this hasn't been my experience - possibly lower doses do have an effect if you're talking something which is normally orally active.

another fun thing to try is taking passionflower bong hits while you're tripping. harsh but interesting.

finally, like other mao inhibitors, har(mal)ine elevates mood. this is a nice side-effect when you're tripping.

oh - another interesting thing to try with shrooms: cocoa. the aztecs & others usually took the two in combination. cocoa appears to be a mild mao inhibitor too.

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