The Definitive Lazy Man's Shroom Growing Technique

A friend of mine has been growing shrooms for awhile using the PF method. He has had some success but a lot of failures along the way too, probably because he doesn't follow the directions very well and is always looking for a short cut. That's why when I read the post about the mycelim only tecnique a few weeks back I passed the info on to him to try out. Well again he didn't follow directions too well and consequently may have found an improvement on the tecnique.

Here is the story: My friend bought organic rye flakes instead of organic rye berries because he couldn't find the berries. The idea of the other tecnique that was posted is that you innoculate rye berries and then shake the jar occasionally so that the mycelium can spread throughout the jar. Then you extract the mycelium with an acidic soution and never have to worry about the hard part of shroom growing - the fruiting stage.

So anyway my friend basicly followed that tecnique using the flakes instead of berries. He put equal parts rye flakes to water in 1 pint canning jars with a single nail hole in the lid leaving quite a bit of space at the top to allow for shaking. He didn't find out until later that the flakes congeal into a hard mud like substance which is impossible to shake. But anyway he covered the lid with tin foil squares and pressure cooked the jars at 15 psi for about 40 minutes. After they cooled he innoculated the jars with a couple CC's of PF spore syringe solution.

To keep the jars from drying out he put the innoculated jars in a plastic storage container with some cakes that he was trying to fruit the normal way. This of course also had flourescent lights installed. This basicly kept the jars very wet although with the amount of water in the jars it was probably not neccessary. Well after a few weeks of course the mycelium was completely covering the tops of the jars and then he discovered that they would not shake up. He counted the experiment a failure but rather than throw the jars away he let them sit for about a month in the same container with his other cakes. the mycelium continued to grow and digest the rye and permeate deeper and deeper into the jars. He kept the lids too loose I think and two of the jars got infected right away and he threw them out. The rest though finally penetrated about 1/3 of the way down into the jar. Pinheads began to develop and fibrous material resembling mushroom stems.

Finally he decided that rather than throw the stuff away he would try an experiment. He was a bit worried though because of a reddish material that was mixed in with the mycelium. After examining the jars for awhile I became convinced that it was just rust from the lids (the lids were on upside down as PF recommends and the lids themselves were covered with rust from being in the wet environment). So I offered to try a small quantitity which would be not enough to trip on but would probably make me slightly sick if they were contaminated which I felt quite sure they weren't.

So anyway we opened the lids and scraped out the white stuff from all of the jars, taking care to avoid any of the reddish material. We also of course callected all of the off white mushroom material which were obviously shrooms in the first stages of fruiting. As I said this material extended about 1/3 of the way down in the pint jars. We then put all of the material into a blender, added about twice that quantity of grapefruit juice and liquified the stuff into a grainy brownish solution that tasted like grapefruit juice with a bit of rye in it. It wasn't at all nasty.

From the previous post we had gathered that it took a lot of mycelium to get much effect. That post recommended 1 quart jar for a fairly high dose but that was for a jar completely permeated with mycelium. From this we deduced that a small amount that should give no noticeable effect would be about 1/2 cup of our grapefruit juice solution. I decided to try that amount and (since it was 12PM by then) go home and go to bed and see if I woke up with a stomache ache or slept through the night OK. I didn't expect to have any problems and was hoping for a small buzz that would indicate that our potion was at least somewhat active.

Well about 20 minutes later I was suprised to find that I was getting a slight buzz. An hour later I was totally tripping balls. I then realized that if I had taken a full quarts worth of that stuff I would have dissapeared for a few days. Be careful kiddies!

After calling my friend and bitching him out (yeah right!) I laid in bed tripping incredibly and realized that I was not going to sleep that evening. There was absolutely no nausea, just a feeling in my gut of the world dropping out from under me as the effects grew stronger and stronger over the next 2 hours. I was still tripping hard at 5AM when I took 4 sominex. I was having fun but simply overcome with exhaustion. About a half hour later I finally dropped off. When I awoke at 1PM the effects were pretty much gone.

So anyway here are my conclusions. If one were to take quart canning jars and fill them about 1/3 of the way up with organic rye flakes. Put the lids on loosely under the tin foil as usual but put them on with the seals the right way so that you can seal the jars tightly after pressure cooking. Then add an equal amount of water and cook and innoculate as usual. Then seal the hole(s) with electrical tape or similar air tight tape and leave the lids sealed tight for a week or two. The mycelium at this stage require almost no air but there should be plenty anyway in the tops of the jars. With this tecnique there should be almost no chance of contamination.

Later, after the tops of the jars are completely covered with the mycelium it should be safe to crack the lids a bit for more air flow. Then I would suggest putting them under a good strong light source for about a month. By then the mycelium should have penetrated through the jar and should be trying to fruit under the light.

Then, assuming that there are no contaminants, scrape out the contents and liquify in a blender with any acidic beverage. I don't recommend going the Shaman experimentation route as I did if contaminants are present. Start with a very small quantity and find the right dosage and enjoy. Then post your results here.

From what I can tell this seems like a more efficient use of the PF syringes anyway and the tecnique is simplicity itself. Go easy on the stuff though! Three 1/2 pint jars gave us enough magic potion for 7 or 8 heavy trips Good luck.

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