"Remember that Rose is my daughter & comes in my little Mary's place to fill up the vacant place in my heart...

...We cherish pleasing hopes that the union will be a mutual blessing. Our dear Rose will I know with most conscientious economy and prudence conform to providential circumstances and keep you my son within the limits of your income. If I am indebted to my dear wife for any thing it is that she at once upon our marriage kept our Books & made me what I had never been before and honest man -- i.e. -- a man whose outgoes did not exceed his income. Since then I have never been oppressed by the [convictions?] of indebtedness for which I had made no provision.

Your happiness will depend upon the most rigid economy -- the most punctilious payment of what you owe when you owe...

...Do you know that you have not visited Father & Mother to grace your nuptuals."

SOURCE: Letter from Henry G. Ludlow to Rosalie & Fitz Hugh Ludlow, 19 April 1859, from Ludlow Family Letters
at this library.
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