"Among the earliest stories which were told me in the nursery, I recollect the martyrdom of Nat Turner, -- how Lovejoy, by night, but in light, was sent quite beyond the reach of human pelting, -- and all the things which Toussaint did, with no white man, but with the whitest spirit of all, to help him."

"[W]e must have entertained Abolitionists at our house largely, since even at this day I find it hard to rid myself of an instinctive impression that the common way of testifying disapprobation of a lecturer in a small country-town is to bombard him with obsolete eggs, carried by the audience for that purpose. I saw many at my father's table who had enjoyed the honors of that ovation."

"I was four years old when I learned that my father combined the two functions of preaching in a New England college town and ticket-agency on the Underground Railroad. Four years old has a sort of literal mindedness about it.... So I could be pardoned for going down cellar and watching behind old hogsheads by the hour to see where the cars came in."

Ludlow, F.H. "If Massa Put Guns Into Our Han's." The Atlantic Monthly April 1865, p. 505, col. 1
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