"After this, therefore, I took hasheesh many times; nay, more, life became with me one prolonged state of hasheesh exaltation -- a very network, singularly varied, of golden and iron strands, and throughout this life I ever and anon bore hours of wretchedness from superhuman threatenings such as I would not, if I could, transcribe entire, unless called by most imperative duty to hand down a legacy of admonition to all who may seek by other than the appointed means to mount into a life above the utterly material. I shall not, therefore, detail in their order of time all the visitations of horror which afflicted me, but will endeavor here and there to cull those which may most graphically foreshadow that "`last state of a man which is worse than the first.'"
SOURCE: Ludlow, Fitz Hugh "Then Seeva opened on the Accursed One his Eye of Anger" The Hasheesh Eater, available at this library.
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