"Like so many other institutional or national songs, 'Ode to Old Union' was set to the music of a popular song of the day, a drinking ditty called 'Sparkling and Bright.'"
SOURCE: "Union's 'Alma Mater' Song 100 Years Old This Spring" Union College News Release, 9 Apr. 1956, p. 2
"Preëminent among [Union songs] is 'The Song to Old Union'... which was written by Fitzhugh Ludlow, of the class of '56, at the close of his Senior year, upon the request of Dr. Nott. It is said that after writing it, late at night, he was so dissatisfied with it that he threw the manuscript into the waste paper basket. It was rescued, however, by his roommate, who showed it to Dr. Nott with the result that it was printed and sung at the commencement of 1856; and from that day to this it has brought the exercises of each commencement to an inspiring close."
SOURCE: Raymond, Andrew Van Vranken Union University: Its History, Influence, Characteristics and Equipment New York: Lewis Publishing Co., 1907 (3 vols.) p. 514.
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