"Again in this good old College / I sit as in days of old / [Where?] I shook the tree of knowledge / Till it rattled down pippins of gold.

"And though I coined none of those pippins / To the shape of a Phi Bete key, / Yet their fragrance is none the poored / In the hoards of memory"

SOURCE: Ludlow, Fitz Hugh "To [framer?] Craig KA on his departure for Kentucky" from Helen Ludlow's notebook.

Note: In Niemeyer, Carl "Fitz Hugh Ludlow and Union College" Union Worthies 8, Union College 1953, Mr. Niemeyer guesses that the last two lines of the first verse are "When I shook the tree of knowledge / Till it rained down pippins of gold." Could be. The handwriting is terrible.

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