"I am glad that Mr. [Boorman?] & yourself have written to F -- in the manner you speak of. Now I only ask my dead dear husband elect that he will maintain his ground. There has been the great difficulty you have allowed F to [come?] over you as they [?ly] say because you are proud of your only son. Remember God's dealings to his children & let yours to your dear boy bear some resemblance to His. [?] do not ruin him by indulgence. They make the better children whose parents err on the side of sternness rather than on the side of indulgence. Our Heavenly Father does not gratify our every wish for he knows that we could not bear it & neither can a child have his character formed for usefulness & goodness if his every wish is gratified."
Tappen, Marie, letter to Henry G. Ludlow, 15 February 1851
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