Date: 25 Jan. 1851
From Henry [Ludlow] to Marie [Tappen]

"I am sorry darling to trouble you with my troubles about our poor F. but never more did I need just such a sympathizing loving friend as you are. You were of course prepared for such intelligence from your previous knowledge of his character. What will become of him I know not. That he will have to pass through terrible heart-breaking -- bow breaking afflictions, I have little doubt -- ere his proud & arrogant spirit is subdued & humbled -- I hope I am willing provided nothing else can save him -- Oh my Marie, do you find your love for us -- your high purpose to do us good -- adequate to the burdens which you have reason to anticipate? .... pleading with God for him and with him for God, bring all the power of your piety -- and patience -- and gentleness -- and love to bear upon his heart. I tell you lov'd one, that F. has never known what these things mean. Breathe it not to mortal ears -- but the influence which has been brought to bear upon him has been rather like that of [Bova?], than of the [Sun?] upon the traveler..."

Ludlow, Henry G., letter to Marie Tappen, 1 February 1851.
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