Biography of a Hasheesh Eater

by Dave Gross

Fitz Hugh Ludlow died on September 12, 1870, the day after his thirty-fourth birthday. In those short thirty-four years he lived a remarkable and full lifetime - perhaps many lifetimes if one includes the spun-off subjective eternities of time he experienced under the influence of hashish. Today the story can be told of the man behind The Hasheesh Eater.

Table of Contents
I. Early family life
II. The College and the Man
III. The Hasheesh Eater
IV. Into Bohemian New York
V. Rosalie
VI. The Heart of the Continent
VII. First Impressions of Mormondom
VIII.To California
IX. New York stories
X. A writing career continues
XI. The philosophy and spirituality of Fitz Hugh Ludlow
XII. An Agony of Seeking
Appendix: Ludlow on-line

Copyright © 1995 Dave Gross

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