Graeme Carl

The following account could be classified as a Level 3 trip with a few flashovers into level 4:

"LSD in the Afternoon"

A study of the effects of the intake of one "Window Pane".

22/07/89 13:30:00 Intake.

The Subject was one of eight people, all taking LSD at the same time. The dosage took the form of a small red slice of gelatine called a "window pane". This was dissolved on the tongue. The subject noticed a slight but unrecognisable taste.

After approximately six minutes the subject claimed to be able to observe some small effect, although none of the other participants noticed anything for around twenty to about thirty-five minutes.

The initial effects took the form of slight apparent movements in stationary or fixed objects such as curtains flowing and benches and walls breathing.

The subject then proceeded to ring a friend and get him to come over at around three O'Clock to drive some of the participants around in his car.

The intervening time was spent observing and communicating with the other participants.

At three O'Clock the friend arrived and the subject went with him on a twenty minute drive. During the journey, the subject noticed a severe perceptual distortion of time, space, velocity and acceleration. To the subject it appeared as though the car decelerated impossibly slow at traffic lights. The speed of the vehicle did not seem to be as fast as it actually was and the subject felt that cars turning into the street were coming close to crashing into him. This feeling did not involve any portion of fear. In fact the exact opposite was true. The subject felt that a crash would be a most interesting experience, although he did not wish it upon himself.

Once the car stopped at the lights the subject began to feel a little uneasy, and kept telling the traffic lights to hurry up and change. The subject was quite talkative and spoke readily to his friend about how great the 'trip' was and how amazing everything was. After some time the subject became uneasy about being on his own with someone who was not tripping, and repeatedly asked the driver if they were nearly back yet. The subject lost all ability to determine his whereabouts. He recognised landmarks but could not place where they were in his mind and would not have been able to navigate his way. Once back at the house the subject was greatly relieved and suddenly felt that he wanted his friend to leave. He worried for a bit about how to tell him that he wanted him to go and would have used a simple statement like "Can you go now!" but found that he could transfer his wishes easier just by saying goodbye and waiting for his friend to leave before returning into the house. This worked and the friend drove off, without any hard feelings.

Throughout the experience, the subject noted that colours were far more vivid than usual, the difference between colour brightness being greatly expanded. Also noted was the apparent increase in the difference between colours. Reds becoming more different to yellows than they usually were and so on.

Once again entering the house, the subject mingled with the other participants.

To the outside observer, the participants seemed to be constantly distracted and amazed by things which normally would be boring and uninteresting, seemingly finding something in these objects hidden from the perception of the onlooker. It is interesting to note that the 'extra' details and qualities perceived by the participants were constant from one person to another, ie. they all saw precisely the same extra details and occurrences simultaneously, even those consuming the drug at a different starting time to the others.

At this stage the subject moved into the bathroom, noting on the way that the wall in the hallway was distinctly curved, bulging in the middle out into the hall. Once in the bathroom the subject gazed at his own reflection in the mirror, noting to himself how ordinary it seemed, whilst still watching, he then gazed into his own eyes and felt a curious sinking feeling. The subject had previously been warned about looking into ones own eyes in the mirror by one of the other participants, so was hesitant to pursue this activity further. At this stage the subject was just on the verge of leaving the mirror when he noticed a curious change in the appearance of his skin. It seemed to go a greyish colour and to assume a mottled appearance. Shaking his head and blinking to get a clearer view, the subject then proceeded to observe himself age with incredible rapidity. The reflection grew old before his eyes, the hair became long, wispy and grey, the beard turned a whitish grey colour and increased in length to around three feet long. The skin on the face became incredibly aged and full of very deep wrinkles. The eyes lost their brightness and became sunken sallow pits, the pupils shrinking from their previously dilated condition, to small beady pinpoints. Looking away from the mirror for a couple of seconds and then back again restored the normal appearance.

Moving into the kitchen, the subject looked at the clock on the wall, it appeared to have every aspect twisted and distorted, for example, the time seemed ludicrous and the subject had to ask every one to see if the clock told the correct time or if it had stopped or not, secondly the second hand seemed to take around three minutes to traverse one second as marked on the face of the clock, and thirdly the clock itself seemed to protrude about half a foot from the wall. (compared to an inch or so as it should have) Afterwards the subject claimed that time had no meaning. It not only stopped but ceased to exist, things still happened but inside no frame of time reference. It was quite possible to think about some object for what seemed like an eternity whilst watching it suspended in mid air as it dropped to the floor. It became possible to observe a stop start motion of an object under the influence of gravity.

At this stage the subject was given a piece of candle to walk around with, many of the other participants felt that they needed some object to carry around with them during the experience and they naturally assumed that the subject would as well. The candle seemed very odd and had an almost fluid plasticity about it. At one stage the candle seemed to blob down such that the ends came almost together and the middle bulged out and sat upon the hand as if the candle were actually a rubber balloon filled with water. The surface of the candle felt positively slick and it felt quite strange to manipulate the candle in the hand. It was almost as if the hand belonged to someone else or that some one else was moving it for the subject by remote control.

The subject was then offered a piece of sausage which had been cooked and he was surprised that there was actually some possibility that a question of eating the sausage could arise.

The sausage felt very strange in the mouth, there was a distinct distance to the whole affair, as though the mouth and sensations actually belonged to someone else. One of the other participants, watching on felt sure that the subject had been inadvertently eating the candle rather than the sausage and told him so. This rather disturbed the subject since he was not completely sure that he had not been. At this point an independent non participant was brought in to adjudicate the situation, and it was decided that the subject had not been eating the candle after all and it was in fact just the imagination of the other participant.

One of the other sensations noticed by the subject was the fact that the mouth and face felt very odd. The part of the cheeks where they meet the cheek bone seemed continuously numb and the teeth felt distant and as if they belonged to someone else. The subject also reported that he felt that his mouth was physically lower down and distant from his eyes.

The subject felt that things seemed to be more real than normal, since he could see more detail and further into any object viewed.

Most of the participants had moved into the kitchen and were engaged in tasting and smelling things. The subject noted that smells did not seem distorted but only much more acute. Drinking water was quite an experience and the subject spent some time indulging in the sensual experience of swallowing, feeling the way the water caressed his throat. The water itself tasted strange, as if it had many other undiscernible tastes mixed in with it. The most striking thing about it was the way it flowed in the mouth and down the throat and the way the water felt as it was run over the hands. The subject then tried drinking some straight cordial, this, he claimed, tasted like a fine wine.

During the experience there was a complete change in the way sounds were heard. The ear seemed to hear sounds impossibly compressed, with the loud sounds and the soft sounds being heard with equal volume simultaneously. At one stage the subject was listening to the music from the CD player inside a separate closed room and noting how perfectly the treble was coming through the wall, as if the wall was totally transparent to the sound. Also there was a distinct loss in the ability to distinguish sound directionality, this was most likely partially due to the compression of the sound volumes. The compression itself was not absolute, there was still loud and soft sounds, and the subject noted that his hearing gradually seemed to adjust to the new mode of perception such that sound directionality slowly became apparent again, though this did not reach its former level.

The loss of the meaning of time meant that the subject had no reference plane in which to place the results of his decisions. Before initialising the change of state, the subject had decided to attempt two things whilst in the state, these being to attempt at some stage to mentally reverse the effects of the drug and try to force his perception back to normal, and the other being to attempt to enter a state of meditation. This decision was all very well when experiencing the understanding and knowledge of the concept of time. The loss of time meant that the subject understood that he had wanted to attempt these two things but he had no way of deciding when he should do them. This caused him some worry and he contemplated at one stage the idea of deciding an exact time in which he would attempt them, but then thought the better of this idea since he realised that he would be forever coming out and checking the clock on the wall to see if the time had arrived yet. The attempt eventually occurred when the opportunity for seclusion arose, the subject proceeded to an empty room and lay on the bed and was immediately presented with an amazingly vivid array of kaleidoscopic colours and shapes he quickly sunk into a deeper state although found that self hypnosis was almost impossible to achieve. The subject continued to sink into a deeper state and found that this meditation had the effect of narrowing the consciousness and allowing a more concentrated train of thought to arise. At this stage the subject noted that his mind had split into a considerable number of parts (possibly around twenty pieces) all of these parts being almost identical. Whenever the body did something it was only some of these parts which did the initiation of the action, whilst all of the other parts looked on and observed, occasionally placing comments into the field of thought. The subject found that he could not reverse the effects of the drug although he could synchronise his mind to a stage where he could easily hold a train of normal thought. This effect was held by the subject for approximately fifteen minutes until discussion with one of the other participants caused a lapse in concentration leading to a return of unsynchronised parallel thought.

Returning to the lounge room the subject proceeded to play some music which normally would have been heard to have a fast tempo, this music seemed incredibly slow to the subject, the distance between the beats seeming to take around four times as long as usual, and when the vocals came in the voice was distinctly slowed and slurred. The subject also felt that the pitch was lower than usual and he proceeded to sing along at the slow speed with one of the other participants in a mocking manner. The track being played quickly reverted back to what was being played before by general consensus.

One of the things occupying the subjects mind was the problem of whether or not he should be feeling hungry or not. The subject reasoned that he should try to eat food at around the times he normally would, but he felt no desire of food intake whatsoever. Another basic function which was distorted was the ability to know when urination was required. The subject felt that he might need to urinate, but he was not sure. He eventually went to the toilet to find out and he discovered when he got there that he did need to go after all. The subject noted that thinking about the act made it impossible, in order to perform the act he had to think of something else and allow his subconscious to perform the actions as if it were an act normally excluded from conscious control.

The subject distantly heard someone talking about going to the local shop to buy some food and drink. Pricking up his ears, he instantly rushed out to give his order. After he and the three others had finished deciding what they wanted, they suddenly discovered that there was no-one to go to the shop except themselves. The four of them then proceeded to walk to the shop, since driving was completely out of the question in their given states. It seemed to take forever to get to the shops, with many pauses along the way to observe items of interest along the side of the road in peoples front gardens.

Upon reaching the shops, the subject looked into one of the windows and observed that one of the shop owner's eyes had come loose from his head and was following his progress past the shop by sliding along the side of the proprietors head. This was viewed by the subject as intensely amusing, since the shop owner has badly turned eyes under normal circumstances

Entering the fish and chip shop was an experience in itself everything in the shop moved and shimmered and the subject found he had to restrain himself from staring at things and try to look as normal as possible. There was around five other people in the shop, and the participants had to keep putting off the shop owner with "we're still thinking" each time he asked for their order. It was very hard to decide what items should be purchased and what quantities to get. After the order was made the participants were presented with a numbered ticket, and they found that they had to continually keep checking the ticket to make sure that their number was not being called. Two of the participants could not keep themselves from laughing and eventually had to leave the shop. To the subject it seemed that the shop owner felt that they were laughing at him because of his turned eye, although he seemed to be used to people laughing at him and accepted it with an air of persecuted defeat.

Back at the House:

One of the other participants was keen on attempting to swap bodies with the subject. The two sat opposed with joined hands and proceeded to stare into each others eyes. The subject noted that the others face became more and more defined, eventually assuming incredible detail. Also observed was the fact that the other persons head kept changing shape and the skin kept altering in hue. The other person was a nineteen year old girl with very light blue eyes and hair medium in length. The subject noted that he did not feel the sinking sensation as strongly as he had when looking into his own eyes or into one of the other male participants eyes. After a short time the subject seemed to loose feeling and control over his shoulders and it seemed that when he tried to move them that the other persons shoulders moved. This did not surprise the subject at the time and he continued to stare into the eyes of the other person. At this stage there was a sudden shift in the colour of the surrounding room and the subject found himself staring into a third eye which had appeared in the exact centre of the girls forehead. This new eye was of a distinctly darker colour and did not possess the usual attributes associated with eyes, such as lashes and lids. The new eye seemed different from the rest of reality in that it was not clearly defined and seemed more deeply sunken in the head. Staring into this eye produced the sinking feeling ten time easier than staring into the normal eyes, and the subject forced himself to look away. Into his field of vision came several other of the participants, each having a dark spot in the centre of their foreheads. The subject was surprised and thought that he must have been going cross-eyed in order to be able to perceive this other eye. He then proceeded to test this theory by forcing himself to see another eye on the girls head. This induced eye was in the centre of the forehead and looked totally different to the darker eye. Also bits of the bridge of the nose distorted its appearance. The subject then noted that by going cross eyes he had forced himself to see two of the darker eyes as well. Breaking the hand contact with the girl the subject noted that the darker eye flashed out of perception.

At this stage it was early morning the following day and many of the participants were beginning to 'come down'. The subject seemed able to observe this in the other participants. He felt that there was some unique sense which allowed him to see glowing lines connecting all of the participants who were still included amongst those in the state. The subject sat opposite a VCR and TV which were currently displaying a computer generated kaleidoscopic image. Above the television was a large colour picture of a forest into which, the subject felt, a part of him went wandering. Shortly after, the tape reached the end and the images abruptly cut off. The subject felt that this left a piece of him cut off inside the picture.

Once of the other participants had brought a number of small tin bells of different sizes and tones. When these were rung, the subject noted that different coloured lights could be seen to emanate from the bells.

The last participant to consume the drug, decided that he had come down and was about to drive home. Interestingly enough this precise situation came up last time and resulted in the individual tripping while driving home and relating later that it had felt like he was in a large spaceship flying over long white lines. The subject and two other individuals had decided to go to the local Seven Eleven store, all three feeling as though they were on the way down. Reaching the car it was decided that they could be dropped off at Seven Eleven. The car journey was absolutely fascinating. Riding in the car gave the participants the feeling that they were riding in a large, immensely strong and sturdy machine of incredible weight. The journey seemed abnormally smooth.

Reaching the shop the driver had decided that he was still tripping. (As expected) The shop was amazingly vibrant and vivid. At this stage the subject found that situations were far more manageable and he could safely sit inside his own perception of reality without anyone being the wiser.

The two men running the shop appeared incredibly grey and dreary and seemed to be less real than the shop itself. After purchasing several items, the participants proceeded to hop back into the car. At this stage the driver was not so keen on going home and instead decided to go for a drive along the freeway. The further he drove the more intense his trip became but he assured all present that he was quite capable of driving and that driving was easy. The car reached speeds of up to 140 Km/h at which point the driver switched off the headlights and drove for a short distance with them off. The subject was busy observing the amazing colours and spatial quality of the sky and the lights in the distance and felt slightly concerned about the driver only somewhere in the back of his mind.

The subject noted that when the car left the freeway that the lane into which the car moved seemed to be about a quarter the width of the cars body. Also noted was a curious effect of blue lightning playing about the reflectors implanted in the road.

Upon returning to the house, the subject proceeded to lie between the two speakers in the lounge room and listen to some synthesised music. (Shadowfax) This had the effect of bringing the subject to full intensity where the complexity and clarity of the images observed with the eyes closed reached a maximum. At this stage the subject felt that a part of his conscious left his body once again, this time not entering a picture but rather to wander through the house observing the appearance of each of the rooms. The subject noted that his point of observation hovered somewhere near to the ceiling such that he looked down onto everything. In this state the colour intensification was at its maximum, whole rooms appearing to be an intense purple. Later on the subject had commented to another participant that he had been visiting purple rooms. The subject also noted that he heard the voices of the other participants strongly within the music, even though the others were in a closed room on the other side of the house. At the eighteenth hour into the trip, the subject decided that he should sleep, although he felt that he could happily continue "tripping" for another two hours at the least.

Graeme Carl.

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