Extracting alkaloids from Psilocybe

Extraction Instructions for obtaining Psilocin and Psilocybin from Psilocybe or Panaeolus.

I have not tried this method; it is taken from the classic volume (in French) and based on that used by Albert Hofmann.

Le Genre Panaeolus: Essai taxinomique et physiologique par Gyorgy Miklos OLA'H Laboratoire De Cryptogamie du Museum National D'histoire Naturelle 12, rue de Buffon, Paris. Memoire hors-series No 10, 1970. Page 97.
  1. Dry the mushrooms.
  2. Shake and allow to stand (e.g. 30 mins) in chloroform. Use maybe twice the dry weight in solvents at every step, or enough to well cover the powder.
  3. Filter and discard the chloroform.
  4. Shake the reidue and allow to stand with acetone.
  5. Filter and discard the acetone.
  6. Shake residue and allow to stand with methanol.
  7. Filter.
  8. Shake residue and allow to stand with methanol.
  9. Filter.
  10. Shake residue and allow to stand with methanol.
  11. Filter.
  12. Discard residue.
  13. Combine methanol extracts.
  14. Evaporate methanol to dryness, preferably in a vacuum, although low heat will do.
This will yield a crude extract containing the active tryptamines, suitable for most purposes. This can be further chromatographed on cellulose etc. to give pure psilocin and psilocybin. The recommended solvents are n-Butanol saturated with water, and n-butanol:acetic acid:water (24:10:10). Anyone wishing to do chromatography should check the relevant texts for more detailed instructions.
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