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Marijuana Smoking Guide

By: Reefer Man and the Chamelion

Warning: Smoking pot is illegal in the united states. Marijuana is chemically not addictive, but canbe psychologically addicting. Do not smoke pot when you are working with dangerous equipment. When smoked, pot lasts about 4-5 hours. However, it is detectable in the blood stream for 14-30 days. Marijuana is about 5 times as harsh as cigarette tobacco on your lungs. On the other hand, not many people I know smoke a pack of pot everyday. Enjoy the T-file!!

I recently realized that there aren't any good files out here on smoking Ganja, so I decided to write this. Enjoy.


I hope you don't need instructions on how to roll a joint. I personally don't use them very often, unless I'm in a very casual place and have a lot of shake on me. They are very wasteful, but there's nothing like smoking a joint while listening to Bob Marley. If your not a skilled roller, you can pick up automatic rollers at your local tobacco shop. You can even use dollar bills as joint paper.


Probably the best way to smoke. There are many, many different ways to make them. If you aren't to creative then just buy a pipe. Bowls are great because they are easy to carry and conceal.

The only tip I have to give you is to make sure you have a metal screen in it or you'll waste a lot of shake.

Here are a few interesting improvised bowls I have seen lately: Take a 12 ounce aluminum can, drink the contents and rinse out. Lay it on its side and take a 1-3 cm hardback book and press it in the center so you have a indentation about half way down. Use a pin to poke a lot of small holes into the indentation. Put the weed on top of the holes, light it and suck through the hole where the tab was. Recently I was fooling around with sticks and trying to make bowls out of them. I found that if you use a stick 1 1/2 - 2 cm in diameter it works best. Cut it off at your desired length (the shorter it is the easier it is to drill and conceal (mine is 7 cm long)). Use a 1/2 cm or smaller) drill bit to drill down the center. Leave one end closed. Use about a 1 cm drill bit to drill a hole from the top down until it reaches the other hole. Shove a screen down there, paint it, carve it, stain it... do whatever you like to it.

Water Pipes (or bongs):

A water pipe is a complex bowl that cools down and filters the smoke, allowing you to keep it in your lungs longer.

Diagram:             > ----.\   ____
                    /      ||   \  / <------ bowl
                   /     __||____||___
                  /     /__||____||___\
              pipe      |  ||    ||   |
                        |        ||   |
                        |^^^^^^^^||^^^| <------ water line
                        |        ||   |
                        |             |
                        |             |

As you can see it is not that complex. You need some sort of jar (any type of material is ok) with an air-tight seal. Drill two holes into the top and insert two tubes (also of any material, but the more heat resistant, the better) of different lengths. Attach a bowl to the top of the longer tube. Any bowl will do, just make sure the opening is on the bottom and it has a fine screen. Fill the bottle with water, so the longer tube is under water and the shorter one isn't. Fill the bowl with some fine weed, light and suck from the shorter tube. Due to pressure differences the smoke is pulled through the water (you'll hear the bubbling) and cooled. You can usually get two hits where you could normally get one because the chamber fills with smoke. You can improvise a lot of the bong and still have it work. Be creative.

Gravity bongs:

With one of these contraptions you can get an extreme amount of concentrated smoke in your lungs at once.

Diagram:                  ____
                          \  / <)))))) bowl
                          /  \
                         /    \
                     |  /      \  |
   water line )))))> |^/^^^^^^^^\^|
                     | |        | |
                     | |        | |
                     | |        | |
                     | |        | |

Start with a 3 liter bottle of your favorite drink. Drink it. Get a 2 liter bottle of another drink. Drink it. Cut the top off of the 3 liter using an Xacto knife, right where it starts to slant up. Throw out the top. Cut off the bottom of the 2 liter right above the black thing on the bottom. Remove the cap and drill a small hole in it. Now, scrape out the plastic inside the cap. Place your bowl over the opening, and tape it down to make a seal. Fill the 3 liter with cool water to the top, leave about an inch free so you don't spill water. Before you put on the cap, place the 2 liter bottle in the 3 liter, letting it slide slowly down. Put on the cap (with attached bowl), place the screen in the bowl, and fill with pot. You don't need that much, overdoing it just wastes the stuff. Place your lighter over the bowl, and light it, while slowly lifting up the 2 liter bottle. This creates a vacuum inside the 2 liter bowl, which draws the flame into the bowl, and the smoke into the bottle. Go slowly, and remove your lighter. Keep pulling up, and the vacuum will keep the pot burning. Once the entire bottle is filled up (being carefull not to go to far), carefully unscrew the cap. Place your hand over the mouth of the bottle, to stop smoke from comming out. Breathe out almost all your air, and then place your mouth over the bottle. Slowly push the 2 liter bottle down, forcing all the smoke into your lungs. Make sure you don't go down to far and get water in your lungs, it's the worst. If you have decent pot, you should get a major high pretty quickly, you will only need about 2 hits. Warning : It's not possible to O.D. on pot, but if you are inexperianced, this much pot will bring you to a very high peak, to the point where you loose many of your senses, and find it hard to speak or understand anyone. It has the possibility of being a bad experiance. On the other hand, it can be a truly great experiance.

Eating Weed:

I'm not to sure about this one (never tried it), though I've learned a lot about it. Take a good amount and put it in some water to let it soak for a couple of minutes. Microwave the mush for about 5 minutes (or until it gets dry again). This will break down the cell wall to aid in digestion. It will probably take an hour or two to take effect. There are many other ways of eating pot, on crackers, brownies, etc. The main difference is that you will not peak as high, but will be high for much longer, around 8 hrs.

How to beat the drug testing: