Lithium and Marijuana

by The Roamer

from Wacky Weed Smokers Digest #1

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Ever since I have been smoking I have always gotten much higher than my fellow smokers. After smoking for years now I have come to the conclusion that Marijuana makes me hallucinate. The hallucinations are very much like Mushrooms. (Fly Agaric) Yet, most people don't hallucinate like me, they just get the usual "weed" high. But, I was convinced to find out why I seem to hallucinate and others don't. I first thought maybe I was just thinking I was hallucinating. But, I decided this would not be the end of my question. I ended up searching the Internet, reading books, talking to doctors, and just asking people about there experiences with the Wacky Weed. And, to my great hypothesis, I found out a pretty amazing fact. There is a theory going around right now that is being tested at the University of California at Berkeley. There theory is that about 1.5% of Marijuana smokers will get mild to moderate hallucinations off moderately low doses of 2% THC Marijuana content. This lead me to believe that I was one of those very special people that had this ability. It amazed me that I wasn't alone. I talked to a person who explained exactly what I experienced. They don't have any real explanation of the event but they believe it is based on certain people who have a higher Lithium content in there brain. And, this ended up being true.

A few years back I had to go to the doctor because I had swollen lymph glands. They couldn't understand why. They took my blood and found that I had an excess amount of Lithium in my brain. I called the people who I found that had the same experiences that I had and here were my results.

(These names are fake to protect the users)

After acquiring the info I wondered if most people have Lithium abnormalities. I asked a doctor and found out that about 1 in 500 people have above normal levels of Lithium in there Spinal fluid and cerebellum. With the info I found there was a 5:7 ratio of above normal levels of Lithium. These were the people who said that they hallucinated on weed as well.

So, I decided that this "Lithium Theory" could be true. If 1 in every 500 people have Lithium abnormalities, than why did 5 out of 7 of the people I talked to about hallucinations have abnornal Lithium counts. They all were blood tested and Heidi even had to be put on medication to lower her Cerebral Lithium count.

Special Thanks to: Fletch, Sam, Lee, and the rest of the posse.
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