1. Activation of THC acids in cannabis (decarboxylation); this occurs at around 103 degrees Celcius with vapourization at around 180-200 degrees. Smoking performs this process but is reported to destroy between 40 and 98% of the THC (Korte, Miras etc.*).
  2. The 'smoke' is much cooler and easier in the lungs.
  3. The high is subtly different from that obtained with other methods.
  4. The higher efficiency saves you money.
* from The Botany and Chemistry of Cannabis, Joyce and Curry (1970)


                         soldering iron element
                 |   |/
                 |   |
                 |___|   pack with aluminium foil to
                 |xxx| /          1/2 inch from top
mounting flange  |xxx|               heavy base (so it won't fall over)
            \    |xxx|             /
             \___|xxx|____        /
      ============/ \=============
                 /   \
                /     \
connect these wires to supply via screw terminals and push button switch.

Cut off the top of the plastic bottle about 6" from the top. Discard the lid. This 'funnel' fits over the element, possibly over the base depending on size. there's an obvious bowl in the tube, fill this with your favorite hash (the bowl could be longer for grass). Supply the element with juice and either:

  1. allow the funnel to fill + take a hit
  2. breathe continuously while vapours are evolved
Then pass it on....

A car cigarette lighter will suffice in the absence of a soldering iron element in this case use a 5 volt ex-computer transformer for the supply. This may need to be rated at up to 5 amps.

Remember -- you don't want to cause your gear to burn, if it gets too hot just release the power button one in a while. Practice makes perfect *&)


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