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The Sink Bong

This will be terribly difficult to describe, but the world must know... it is in my opinion the single greatest pot invention mankind has seen to date (okay... well, it's cool anyway). And I didn't even invent it -- credit goes to my genius roommate.

This wondrous invention is called the sink bong. I will attempt to describe it as best I can.

You start off like you're building a standard water bong. But you leave off the base...

So what you have is a long (3 feet is good) acrylic tube with a stem and bowl sticking out... you can just drill a hole in the side and use epoxy to seal in a copper pipe... I'm sure you can find hints and stuff for this part in various places around the net.

     |     |
     |     |
     |     | <-- Acrylic Tube
     |     |
     |     |
     |     |
     |     |
     |     |
     |     | / /
A--> |     |/ / <-- Copper Tube and Bowl
     |     / /
     |    / /
     |     |
B--> |     |
     |     |

The most important thing now is that the bottom part of the copper tube is a few inches above the bottom of the main acrylic tube... in normal bong assembly you'd want these close but they have to be apart for reasons that will become clear.

Next step -- fill a sink with cold water.

Okay, now put the bong in the water (with the bottom of the copper tube below the water line -- see position 'A' in diagram). Suck water up until the bong is full... this takes some sizeable lung power for long bongs.

Now the trickiest part... pull up the bong until the bottom of the copper tube is above the water line yet the bottom of the acrylic tube is still below the water line -- see position 'B' in diagram. The change in water pressures will cause air to be drawn through the bowl and copper tube and into the bong... (light the bowl now!) -- the smoke will bubble through all the water... keep this up until the water is all gone.

When you're done, you have a bong full of extremely thick (if you're doing it right) yet very cold and easy to draw smoke. It has traveled through an average of a foot and a half of water (with a 3 foot bong). Plus there's no resistance -- you don't have to pull any air through water to get the hit.


It takes a lot of practice to do it right, but once you get it down it's incredible the size of the hits you can draw -- and they're easy to smoke.

Another tip I picked up - it's easiest to keep the bong steady if you hold it against the side of the sink.

I apologize if this is not clear - it's not easy to describe. I didn't understand it until I was shown (and I still don't quite grasp the fluid mechanics involved).

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