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At least a few people have requested that the following plans be either sent to them or reposted to alt.drugs, so here they are:

The Death Star

                                                 |    |(A)
                                                  \  /
       <--->     |      /            \             ||   |
      ___________|___ /    balloon    }    (B)        __|_____
     | /---------|--- \               }               --|---\ |
     ||          |      \            /                  |    ||
     ||           --------------------------------------     ||
     ||                                                      ||
     ||                                                      ||
     ||                                                      ||
     ||                                                      ||
     ||                                   __________________/ |
     ||                                  | /------------------
     ||                                  ||       <----
     ||                                  || 
     ||                                 _||_
     ||                                / || \
    /  \                             /   ||   \
   |(C1)|                 ---->     |    ||    |  ---->  
    \  /      ______________________|_   ||   _|______________
     ||      | /----------------------   ||   --------------\ |
     ||      ||                     |    ||    |             ||
     ||      ||                     |~~~~||~~~~|             ||
     ||      ||                     |    ||    |             ||
     | \____/  \__________          |    ||    | (E)         ||
      ------(C2)---------- (D)      |    ||    |             ||
     <---   \  /   ---->            |    ||    |             ||
             ||                      ----------              ||
             ||                       Stage 1                ||
             ||                     (hot water)              ||
             ||                                              ||
             ||                                              ||
             ||                                              ||
       +------------+                           <----        ||
       |  (output)  |                     __________________/ |
       |            |                    | /------------------
       |    (G)     |                    || 
       +------------+                    || 
          Air Pump                      _||_
                                       / || \
                                     /   ||   \
                                    |    ||    |     ---->
                                    |    ||   _|_____________________    
                                    |    ||   ---------------------\ |
                                    |    ||    |                    ||
                                    |~~~~||~~~~|                    ||
                                    |    ||    |                    ||
                                    |    ||    |  (F)               || 
                                    |    ||    |                    ||
                                    |    ||    |                 suck here
                                      Stage 2

* arrows indicate the flow of air/smoke.

(A) The bowl: "You put your weed in it."

(B) "Gravity" Chamber: What we used for this is a plastic spaghetti dispenser. Probably any cylindrical container which can be sealed airtight will do (actually a 1-2 liter bottle is probably okay.) Into one side (the left side in the diagram) goes a plastic tube with a balloon securely attached to the end (a rubber band will work.) Into the other side, insert a bowl (A) and another plastic tube going to (E). Important: the entire cylinder must be sealed airtight, so that air may only enter and leave the chamber through the "out" tube (on the right) and the bowl. Air obviously may only enter the balloon through the left tube (from (G) the pump.) The reason I call this the "gravity" chamber is because it functions exactly as a gravity bong, with the top of the balloon doing what the water usually does. By the way, the balloon should be of the round variety (as opposed to oblong) because you don't want air (or smoke) to get past the balloon... i.e. the balloon should be tight against the sides.

(C) Controls: This part is a bit hard to explain. Part (C2) is simply something that will allow you to choose one of three ways to direct air from the pump. Most aquarium stores will have the necessary equipment (you'll definitely want to be able to choose exactly one of the three outputs (9,12, and 3 o'clock in the diagram) at any given time. Part (C1) should be a relief valve (I don't know if that's the correct term) which looks something like:

                                to nowhere                         
                 ---->             ---- (*)        <---->          
               from pump                               to/from     
              (*) Valve:  allows you to control the amount of       
                          air that goes out (to the room).  To      
                          inflate the balloon, close the valve      
                          so that all air goes from the pump to     
                          the balloon.  To deflate the balloon,    
                          open the valve.  The valve allows you    
                          to control the speed of inflation or     
                          deflation as well...                     

(D) Air: You should have an output from the pump to the air, so that the the air from the pump always has somewhere to go when you don't want to inflate the balloon or pump air to (E). Be nice to your pump.

(E) Stage 1: Standard bong technology here... smoke comes from (B), bubbles through the water, and goes out the right-hand tube (in the picture.) Instead of a carb, though, air can be directed from the pump into the chamber. This will force air through to stage 2 and out through the mouth part (so you can pour yourself a bong-hit.) As long as (B) is above this part, nothing will be pumped back to (B) since the weight of the water prevents this. The actual chamber in our model is much smaller than Stage 2 (F), since the larger these chambers are, the more one has to suck before any smoke comes out. Hot water is supposed to "clean" the smoke more than cold, but maybe that's bullshit.

(F) Stage 2: Same as (E) except bigger. We used a Sunny Delight bottle (That shit actually has oil in it... I wouldn't recommend drinking it, but the bottle works well.) Ice-water in this one definitely gives you a hit that's smoother than smooth.

(G) Air Pump: You can get this at an aquarium store as well. I don't really know how powerful ours is, but it really just has to be able to inflate the balloon, which probably doesn't require much power. Pumping air to (E) isn't really necessary, and it would require a much more powerful pump to really force the air out... but it's fun anyway...


  1. Load the bowl. It seems to work best if you really break the pot up into small pieces (or use shake) since you want it to burn fast.
  2. Inflate the balloon. Inflate it as much as possible without pushing against the bowl or whatever. For that reason, the bowl should be placed close to the end of the gravity chamber. You can open the valve (C2) so that at this point, it's at equilibrium (i.e. not inflating/deflating.)

    Warning: Test this out first, etc, since if the balloon pops, then most likely whatever is in the bowl will end up all over the floor. This actually happened to us once, but it was due to carelessness (which in turn was due to being 100% baked). So always pay attention when the balloon is inflating.

  3. Light up. Have someone hold the lighter to the bowl, and loosen the valve all the way, so that the balloon deflates quickly, drawing smoke into the chamber. Try to stop the balloon from deflating beyond the point when the sides of the balloon come away from the sides of the chamber (by closing the valve.) The smoke should be so thick that it looks like mayonnaise... if it doesn't you're probably doing something wrong.

    Warning: Do not allow the balloon to inflate at this point, because then smoke will gush forth from the bowl.

  4. Start sucking. Give someone else the first hit, and as they are sucking, you can inflate the balloon (as long as it's slower than they are sucking) thereby making the smoke leave the gravity chamber. It seems to help if there's something flat placed over the bowl (which also reduces risks in step 3.) All of this may take some practice, but probably not much. It's not necessary to re-inflate the balloon, but it will result in a stronger hit.
  5. Um... next step. When all of the smoke has left the gravity chamber, you can switch (C2) so that air goes to Stage 1, and smoke will be pushed slowly through the suck tube. Skip this if it doesn't turn you on. It does function sort of as a carb, so even if you don't achieve spectacular results, it is useful.
  6. Keep sucking. If everything is large enough, there should be several hits worth still in stages 1 & 2.
  7. Repeat. Keep repeating steps 1-6 until the bong is too funny to smoke.


That's all. May your station soon be fully operational...

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