From: (Rob Robertson)
Subject: World's cheapest bong
Date: 27 Oct 93 12:58:13 GMT idea from a Scottish friend of mine,...

  1. take a sip of water (you'll need to experiment to find the right amount)
  2. cup your hands to form an air chamber (as if you were holding an insect in your hands)
  3. tuck a joint between the pinky and ring finger
  4. hold your head down a little
  5. inhale at the opening between your thumbs
  6. spit out that disgusting bong water after your hit
  7. repeat step one
...he says it really does cool the smoke and if you accidently swallow the water instead of spitting it out you can taste all the crap that got filtered out, so, don't accidently do that.

Of course, words like "joint" and "bong" are totally alien to me, but I think that's what he said.

Now go out and have some good, clean, cheap fun.

   Rob Robertson
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