From: andersom@spot.Colorado.EDU (Marc Anderson)
Subject: Cannabis increases CBF!
Date: 22 Apr 93 20:34:24 GMT

With all the talk about how bad cocaine is bad because it reduces cerebral blood flow (CBF)/ glucose expenditure, I bumped into some research that found cannabis increases CBF in the right and left frontal lobes and the left temporal lobe.

This would be a good thing to throw at a drug warrior who claims cocaine is bad because it decreases CBF. (ask him, "does this mean that cannabis is good because it increases CBF?" -- of course it doesn't, but it's a good thing to know anyway..)

Mathew, R.J.; Wilson, W.H. (1993): Acute changes in cerebral blood flow after smoking marijuana. Life Sciences. 52(8):757-767.

In experienced marijuana smokers, marijuana smoking was accompanied by a significant bilateral increase in cerebral blood flow (CBF) especially in the frontal regions and cerebral blood velocity. The post-marijuana CBF increase could not be explained on the basis on changes in general circulation or respiration. Similarly, the CBF increase was unrelated to plasma levels of tetrahydrocannabinol and extracranial circulation. Behavioral changes showed significant correlations with CBF. CBF and brain function are closely coupled and therefore it seemed highly likely that CBF changes after marijuana were closely related to its effect on mood and behavior.

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