From: "Jason M. Volpi" []
Subject: A way to get N2O 100% free of NO2

Get the NO2 out of your N2O

Hello friends,

Many of the nitrous home brew formulas out there use baking soda and water to purify the N2O of the noxious contaminants created in it's production.

I reccommend this system to the average user today, but being a chemist, I have found that a chemical called Chromous Acetate (a red powder) when added in small amounts to the last flask on the homebrew setup, can pull the double oxygen bond off of the NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide (one of the most dangerous gasses known to man) while leaving the single O bond attached to the 2N in the nitrous.

We use this powder in gas analysis at my lab, and I have unlimited access to the stuff. It is not controlled or regulated in any way, and you do not need a permit to possess or sell it, but It is impossible to come by outside of lab settings. Tiny amounts will cleanse kiloliters of gas. It is a harmless material which happens to be extreemly useful in N2O production. I have tested samples of end result gas using a home setup and found them to be virtually 100%(.5ppm) free of NO2. Considering that 200ppm is the lethal dose, and 100ppm is the toxic dose for NO2, I believe it's always better to be safe then sorry.

I do not ask for money, considering I do not have to pay for the chemical. But I do ask for a donation of any legalethnogenic seeds, roots, cuttings, etc. Anything at all as long as it's legal. I will ship 20 grams in an amber airtight bottle the same day I recieve the request. Please do not send money.

If you do not have items you think would interest me, you can always go to a plant store and pick up some morning glory seeds. As long as I see you care enough to help me.

Also any samples of plant life that one wishes to be analyzed for known chemical complexes Qual + Quantitativly, feel free to send them in a ziploc bag with padding so the samples aren't crushed. I will analyze them in the lab free of charge, I love to learn, and I love to teach. Please make sure the samples are fresh, unless the content of a cured or dried material is needed.

Please send all Donations, Requests, and Samples to:

Jason Volpe
14 Eileen CT
Wharton NJ 07885

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