JLF: poisonous non-consumables

P.O. Box 184, Dept. SDIZ
Elizabethtown, IN 47232 U.S.A. (812) 379-2508

Catalog: $2.00 (U.S.)

When ordering, sign the following statement for them, or read it to them over the phone:

I, the customer, am over 18 years old and have read all the text in this catalog and understand that all products sold here are poisonous and are not to be taken internally or used in any manner prohibited by JLF. I purchase all merchandise from JLF at my own risk and will not hold JLF liable for any personal harm or misfortune incurred on myself from any accidental or intentional misuse or abuse of said merchandise

Postage and handling:
Weight Add (U.S. $)
Up to 30 grams $1.67
31-60 grams $1.90
61-90 grams $2.13
91-120 grams $2.36
121-500 grams $3.00
501-1000 grams $4.00
1001-1500 grams $5.00
1501-2000 grams $6.00
2001-5000 grams $7.00
5001-10000 grams $10.00
Outside U.S.A.:
Weight Add (U.S. $)
Up to 30 grams $7.00
31-120 grams $12.00
121-1000 grams $15.00
1001 grams and up $18.00

Before sending an order, please contact the company to inquire about price and availability, or check a recent catalog. The analogous information on the Sputnik pages is not as reliable and up-to-date as that which is available directly from the company in question. Just because a company offers something for sale does not mean that it is legal to purchase it, possess it, cultivate it, or consume it. Check the laws in your area.

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