Companion Plants

7247 North Coolville Ridge Road
Athens, OH 45701 U.S.A.

Postage and handling:
SeedsDestinationCost (U.S. $)
All U.S. addresses$1.00
Mexico or Canada$3.00
Other countries$5.00
PlantsDestinationTypeCost (U.S. $)
East of the Mississippi (except Florida & Maine)Ground service$6.00 + $0.30 per plant
West of the Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, Maine & Minnesota3 Day Select -(Combination Air/Ground)$8.00 + $0.50 per plant
2nd Day Air$10.00 + $0.65 per plant
Next Day AirInquire
Alaska & Hawaii2nd Day$12.00 + $0.75 per plant
Other countriesUnable to ship plants

Before sending an order, please contact the company to inquire about price and availability, or check a recent catalog. The analogous information on the Sputnik pages is not as reliable and up-to-date as that which is available directly from the company in question. Just because a company offers something for sale does not mean that it is legal to purchase it, possess it, cultivate it, or consume it. Check the laws in your area.

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