Electric Emperor sampler

These pages contain plain text samples from the CD-ROM version of Jack Herer’s “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”.

If you like the texts, we strongly suggest that you buy the disk to see the rest of the material with pictures. The disk also contains many extras like the almost eradicated 1940's U.S. War Department training film 'Hemp for Victory' and a copy of the whole www.sky.org-website.

The CD-ROM version of the “Electric Emperor” should run on any computer that can read CD-ROMs and has a web browser.

The disk costs only $25.00 and can be ordered directly from H.E.M.P. The e-mail address is: hemp@fishnet.net

“The Emperor Wears No Clothes”

Chapter 2
F.Y.I Tour Health Tour



The Emperor materials (but NOT the materials donated by others) can be used to create personal pro-hemp web pages, newsletters, fliers, and other materials. We encourage pro-hemp activists to mix material from the CD-ROM (with appropriate credit) with their own materials to create interesting materials for the World Wide Web and elsewhere. We also encourage you to donate copies of your work for use in future editions of the “Electric Emperor”. We also encourage the donation of artwork, photographs, and short articles.

You should own all copyrights to any materials you donate.

Text materials should be in either Plain Text ASCII or formatted HTML.

Graphic materials (pictures, photographs, drawings, illustrations) should be in GIF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, PDF, or PICT formats and should be 240 pixels tall by 320 pixels wide or smaller. Graphics materials intended for use in print should be in EPS format and can be up to full page size.

Sound materials (music or voice) should be very short and in AIFF, System 7 SND, or QuickTime movie format. We are particularly interested in QuickTime movie MIDI files in a variety of styles for use as background music.

Multi-media materials (animations, videos, interactive pieces) should be very short and in QuickTime movie, ShockWave, Splash, or PDF formats.

Web materials should be completely self-contained, including the HTML code.

Contact me at CatGuy@lamg.com or Stephen at Majik@edenbbs.com for details on the best way to deliver donated materials.

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