Tero Nieminen


August 22 1997

The Finnish Cannabis Association appeals to anti-prohibitionist sympathizers around the world on behalf of drug war victim Tero Nieminen.

On July 27, Tero Nieminen, a member of the Finnish Cannabis Association and moderate user of cannabis was interviewed on the current affairs programme A-Studio broadcast of Network 1 of Finnish public service television, YLE. The topic of the programme was the legal status and effects of cannabis. In the programme, Tero revealed that he uses home grown cannabis about twice a month, and that during the years that he has used cannabis, he has given up alcoholic beverages completely. Soon after the programme was aired, Tero was interrogated by police, his apartment was searched, and 16 hemp seeds and two pipes were confiscated. It now depends on the prosecuting authorities whether or not the case will go to trial. In the meantime, Tero was fired from his job at XXXXXXXXXX, a Finnish computer software company specializing in firewalls. According to the company's management, Tero's continued employment would significantly harm XXXXXXXXX's business with vital customers. The Finnish Cannabis Association sees this as an important civil liberties issue, and has started a campaign to get Tero reinstated.* Home
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