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Hi(gh) hello everybody,

Welcome to my wonderful World of homegrowing. Let me introduce myself; I'm a 32 year old male, borne in Amsterdam Holland. I'm married to a lovely woman and have 4 GREAT kidz. To make the Zoo complete I also have 7 cats and 2 dogs running around. Four years ago I moved with my family from Amsterdam to a Island in the Caribbean and this is where my adventure begun……………..

First of all before I arrived here, I did know already that there where no Amsterdam alike coffeeshops here on the Island so I took some good skunk seeds with me on the plane. The first year here on the Island I rented a home in the middle of the capital city which had a nice garden to start my precious seeds. This was a scary growing time, as I found out later, that my landlord was the Director of the Local Customs here on the Island. (more on this on request)

When we where a year here on the Island I bought a huge piece of property land (1275M2) with a small house on it, that we have rebuild and expanded to fit my family. Here it is that I live these days and from where I grow my plants. I don't claim to be a expert on Cannabis growing and just want to share my positive and negative results with fellow growers and friends.


  1. I don't sell the plants I grow.
  2. I don't sell pot.
  3. I don't sell seeds (I only exchange them for different strains, all over the World). Sometimes when I'm in a very good mood, I even give them away.
  4. I cant take responsibility for what you do with my seeds or information.
  5. I'm against minors using pot.


I like to experiment with all kind of ways I read and hear about so I have a kind of weird garden, which is all outside (95% of the year the sun is shining here, more then 11 hours a day); except for my clonebank which is inside of the house under fluorescent tubes. With the climate over here I'm able to harvest 4 times a year.


I grow 3 to 4 plants in the ground as you can see on this pictures (Nov 96');

On both pictures you see a Colombian Sativa (origin: Cartagena Colombia) These ladies grow super fast and need to be growing in full outside sun with lots of space. The high is terrific and it won't slow you down. Harvesting of these baby's takes a lot of time due the excess amount of leafs.


Yes I grow hydroponics also (I don't really need it over here, but as a said, I like to experiment) This picture is showing my old (finished the new 6 pot last weekend) 4pot Hydro-flood system, based on the sodabottle-1/2" PVC design. As medium I use red-lavarock which works great and is partly reusable.

The Hydro is used mainly for my clones. The system is powered by a small submersible pump and activated by a cheap timer. Watering takes place every hour for 30 minutes. Plants are started at 350PPM nutrient solutions which I increase to 700 PPM during the full vegetative stage. The pH is kept around 6.7

I also grow in containers as you can see in the following picture of a Skunk female starting to flower;

As medium I use Metromix 500 from Grace-Sierra or Lavarock/perlite Mix; The Metromix is a soiles mix with some trace elements added. I use a wick system for all containers. As you can see this setup allows me to play (and learn a lot)


The two most used tools are my pH and EC/PPM tester which are making my life (and that of the plants) much easier. They where expensive to buy but sure worth the money;

They are of the brand Oakton and I could not live without;


I created my own breed on which I'm very proud of the results. I called it Caribbean Lover (don't ask me why, because than I have to tell a story that is not suitable for this page) See some nice budshots of the CL-Girls;

As you can see the flower to leave ratio is very high which makes harvesting a breeze;


seeds from the CL-Hybrid

As I stated before I don't sell seeds (so don't bother to ask) I only like to exchange strains with fellow growers all over the world. Not that the strains that I grow are not any good, but simply because smoking the same strain all the year gets me bored (yes even from the best pot).

Please mail me for info on strains I can supply or would like to get at:


If everything works out fine my strains produce fine herbs:

Drying Caribbean Lover:



This is what I use to clone (I must say I have better result with the liquid then with the Powder):


And this is what I use to role my joints:

These extra-width are not available here, but are send to me from Holland by my relatives.

I hope you all find above information educational and I'm happy to supply more on request. I wish all my fellow growers the best and hope someday we can grow and smoke where and wherever we want.


MarleyB from the Caribbean

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