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Welcome to NEUROMEDICA, a clearinghouse for information concerning

the organic chemistry, design, and pharmacology of psychedelics and related compounds.






INTRODUCTION - A brief introduction to the contents, creator, and philosophy behind NEUROMEDICA.

CHEMISTRY - A database of information on drug synthesis and organic chemistry of drug design in general.

PHARMACOLOGY - The pharmacology of psychedelics, including structure-activity relationships, drug-receptor interactions, and neurochemistry.

PEOPLE - Papers, bibliographies, and contact information of several pioneers in the field of psychedelic drug design and study.

LINKS - Links to other relevant sites, and information about important offline resources and institutions.


PLEASE NOTE: Many of the chemicals under consideration in this site are currently illegal to manufacture, possess and/or use under U.S. and international laws. We look forward to a time in which these laws will change to reflect the importance and benefits of these substances, and hope to contribute here in some small way to such a change. Until that day comes, all information herein provided for informational purposes only.


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