common names: sally wattle, blackwood
type collected: R Brown, Tas, 1804.

habit: Small to relatively large tree, 8 - 30m.

foliage: Variable lanceolate to elliptic phyllodes, 60 - 120mm x 10 - 20mm, 3 - 5 main veins with numerous secondary nerves between and conecting them. Gland small and inconspicuous.

flowers: Creamy yellow ball flowers on racemes, flowers late winter to spring.

pods: Tightly coiled and twisted leathery pods, 50 - 120mm x 5 - 10mm, thickened margins.

seeds: Longitudinal in pod, pinkish aril wraps around seed twice, not toally encircling it.

distribution: Widespread in Sth and E Vic, coast and tablelands of NSW, also SA, Tas and Qld.

notes: Victorian Aborigenes used a hot infusion of the roasted bark to bathe rheumatic joints. Bark and twigs used as a fish poison. Fine timber, used in cabinet and ornamental work, once used in coach and boat building, also for beer barrels, regarded as the best Australian timber for this. Young phyllodes have given a positive test for alkaloids. (references: 1, 2, 15)