Alientomology is an emerging field, still wet with embryonic fluid and shreds of fibrous debris from the eggcase of the mothership. As such, cutting-edge tools must be devised to plumb the depths of this exciting new discipline.

Shamans have known for millenia that dreams are one of the purest sources of information the universe has to offer. Alientomological dreams are certainly no exception, and in fact, the discipline resides almost exclusively in the vaults of the dreamworld.

The triggers of dreams vary, yet the magic is constant. Some dreams come from fevers, some from entheogenesis, others just from sleeping. The most spectacular dreams are those which are shared by more than one person at a time.

So choose a vision which sounds appealing, or savor them one at a time by simply turning the page.

Have you had an alientomological vision you would like to report?

Above Dream creatures are as real as you are.

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