"...These persons take me for rides, and then I experience a stinging sensation on the neck and scalp, and as this progresses, I start feeling as if I were under the influence of some psychotropic. As the hallucinatory episode progresses, I get the feeling that the person sitting next to me is not human, and when I look out of the corner of my eye, it seems that I am looking at something that is not human. The size and shape are roughly human, but the head is a complex oval, the eyes are very large and compound, and I seem to see mandibles instead of a normal mouth. When I look directly at the person, they always ask immediately "what's wrong," and clash their mandibles fearsomely. I pretend to not notice and bail out of the vehicle at the first opportunity. When I look directly at them, I seem to see the face of an old friend or a loved one, repeating old stories which could have been recorded or memorized, but never do these individuals offer up new interpretations of old experiences which have not been exhaustively discussed. I never tell them anything new, unless it's quite contrived, and they often accept the most preposterous tales as if I were relating commonplaces.

...I refer to the sudden impression that one is talking to a human-sized insectiform alien."

Above"...eyes are very large and compound"

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