I am sitting in a circular plaza in the middle of a large lake. Tables are set out, as if this were an outdoor cafe or picnic area. I remember wrought iron patio furniture, hot drinks, a bicycle. A single straight narrow causeway links the plaza to the mainland.

There is a sense of dread, of impending global disaster. Squat, armored lizards are going to fall from the sky and burn or attack us. Everyone is going to die, or suffer greatly. They are pictured as a swarm, moving relentlessly towards Earth through the silence of space.

The tension continues. A light breeze is blowing. I look around frantically, wondering where the first sign of the disaster will come from. Suddenly there's a splash in the water, then another splash. I swivel my gaze nervously across the lake, then up at the sky. I wake up.

by abrupt nyc, 1998

Have you had an alientomological vision you would like to report?

Above The invaders were armored.