I was probably 6 when this dream presented itself, but it has remained quite vivid. Everyone was panicking, "they" were coming. We were first alerted to their presence by a buzzing and electronic crackling. The sky was greenish or purple, some odd color.

Slowly these things phased into existance all over. Some could fly. They looked like some sort of chameleon-insect hybrid. They had long tongues, but distinctly insect-like legs. They slowly faded into view on top of cars, on the lawns, all over the place. They were benign, ignoring the people screaming everywhere. It was clear that these things were decending upon our planet with intent, but as they were not attacking per se, it was unclear what that intent was.

Most of them were yellow.

by mantid, 1998

Have you had an alientomological vision you would like to report?

Above It was unclear what their intent was.

The next dream bears an uncanny resemblence to this one. Alientomological coincidence?