Above M. religiosa are lovers, despite cannabalistic streaks

Care for both phasmids and mantids is similar, with the exception of their dietary requirements. Cages should be spacious (at least three times the length of the insect in all dimensions), free of drafts, and adequately ventilated. Plastic aquariums intended for mice are perfect. Gallon jars are suitable if several holes are drilled in the lid. Decorations should be minimal, though a branch on which to climb upon on adds interest and might divert the aliens from their plan of galactic domination.

Aliens would prefer to be kept at 75-80F, with some species tolerating lower temperatures. Your local pet shop should be able to help you with this, as reptiles require similar conditions. The ideal system involves a ceramic heat element which emits no light. Some are tempted to use a conventional bulb as a heat source, assuming that 24-hour light will not affect a system as simple as the emotional matrix of an alientomological specimen. Nothing can be further from the truth. Provide at least 8 hours of rest each evening, as the mantids have eyes which turn black at night

Humidity is best provided with a spray bottle, one good squirt per day should suffice.

"Some Stick-Insects such as Haaniella need open water in a low bowl to drink, don't be to concerned if they leave their heads underwater remember that insects breath through their thoracic and abdominal spiracles not through their mouths like us. " --PSG website