This is the path to follow if you wish to journey to some of my favorite Internet Sites. You will find a variety of fascinating places to visit and explore pertaining to Entheogens, Altered States of Reality, and related subjects. Some other sites that I just find interesting and worthwhile will also be pointed out along the way.

Last updated March 17, 1997

To make it a bit easier to find the web sites that might interest you, they have been sorted by subject and put on seperate pages. The catagories are:

The Art, Music & Culture Section.

Chemistry, extraction, synthesis and related.

Hemp and marijuana related knowledge.

Herbs, Plants and botanical information.

A myriad of links to other links.

Mail order merchants of interesting stuff.

Organizations worth checking out.

Pharmaceutical and synthetic related.

Psychedelic related, alternate viewpoints.

Sites on the net that are just cool to explore, IMHO.

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