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Insights into the concepts of Sentience, Human Consciousness, and Altered States of Reality mediated by the most Wise, Noble and Ancient Teacher Plants.

The Alternate Realities Pages -New and unique reports on Visionary Herbs, Cacti and Fungi, their traditional, spiritual and medicinal uses, cultivation and more.

The Visionary Links Page. My favorite net sites, covering such subjects as Entheogens and a myriad of other interesting and informative diversions.

The Visionary Source Page. Merchants of Ethnobotanicals, Entheogens and related products. Rare and exotic plants, seeds, fresh and dried herbs, extracts and more.

The Sentient Page -The search for the Sentient Human. A way of interpreting reality, a personal choice to accept logic and reason, a way of making your mark on the time-line.

In the beginning was the Plant, and the Plant was green, and it was good. The plants held the wisdom, the Plants held the power, the Plants were our Gods.

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