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The Mind

This is an ongoing series of articles about the functioning of the mind - subjectively and objectively, emic and etic. The latest installments are here and here, an archive of the previous parts is forthcoming.

The illusion of "I": Why do people believe in this entity "mind" anyways?

The World

Rants and rambles about everything that isn't the mind. I'm still in the process of converting things to put them here, but a couple files have already made it:

Freedom and Equality: Two concepts that are in contradiction with each other - grand human speeches nonwithstanding.

Sharing Knowledge: Some ideas about the background of the urge to teach.

Certain Knowledge: Does "PoMo" stand for PostModern or PopularMoronic?

Complex Dreams: The evolutionary process discovers a new space in which complexity can be developed at nearly no cost.


This page wouldn't be at the Lycaeum, if I hadn't something to do with entheogens...

The Entheogen Questionnaire: intended to bring a little structure into trip-reporting.

Thoughts on LSD is intended as a little introduction to this substance for the newbie who doesn't necessarily care about the chemistry, history or pharmacology, but about the subjective, psychedelic experience.

Double-Tryp: a somewhat weird science-project.

The Author

Most people like talking about themselves. So do I. So here's a couple things about:

What's a Fox anyways? Why did I choose this name and what, exactly, do foxes mean to me.

Honest Communication: Something about communication-strategies.

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