Qabala in a Nutshell
(or how to construct a Universe in ten easy steps)

Okay, wouldn't it be totally cool if O'Reilly nutshell handbooks were made for metaprogrammers? Like, Essential Nervous System Administration, ya with me? Well, okay, this is an attempt at doing something like that with Qabala. At least, with my understanding of Qabala.

There are two parts to this right now. One is the outline, and that is below.

  1. Void and Being
    1. Interdependent Arising (the Theory of Relativity)
    2. Observer-Participation (Quantum mechanics)
    3. Basic Structure of Universe (Quantumstuff, nonduality, etc.)
  2. Order and Chaos
    1. Nonlinear dynamic mathematics
    2. Fractals and complexity
    3. Dualities
  3. Matter, Energy, and Information
    1. Theories in physics
    2. Traditional tiplicities (Samkhya-Yoga and Alchemy)
  4. Da'ath (shouldn't be numbered, but oh well)--the Eight Circuit Model
  5. Manifestation
    1. The Four Forces of Physics
    2. Phases of Matter
    3. The Four Elements of Alchemy (and no, i'm not going to draw direct parallels between the four Elements and the four Forces)
    4. Twelve Mixtures (basics of zodiac: info-fire, energy-fire, matter-fire, info-water, energy-water, etc.)
    5. Sixteen Court Cards (fire of fire, fire of water, etc.)
  6. Eight Colours (from Chaos)
  7. Zodiac
  8. INTERLUDE (Not supposed to be numbered, either...sheesh the numerology is gonna looked fucked here...but the Interlude is a discussion of Neil Gaiman's Sandman
  9. Ten Sephiroth (the Eight Colours with expansion and relation)
  10. Four Worlds (atziluth, briah, yetzirah, assiah)
  11. Hebrew Alphabet
  12. Tarot (yes, all 78 cards)

But wait, there's more! Appendicies--

  1. Vedanta
    1. Atman-Brahman and Maya
    2. Ishtadeva
    3. Science and Vedanta
  2. I-Ching
    1. Yin-Yang
    2. Eight Elements
    3. 64 Hexagrams (no, probably not all 64 in great detail)
  3. Samkhya-Yoga
    1. Purusha and Prakriti
    2. Yoga Exercises
  4. Tantric Buddhism
    1. Theravadin basics
    2. Mahayanic elaborations
    3. Vajrayana practices (kundalini, five sheaths, dhyani buddhas, six bardo, etc.)
  5. Wu-Hsing
    1. The Elements
    2. Health
  6. Mapping the Soul
  7. Notes on Magickal Ritual

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