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Real nameElfstone
LocationOrion Nebula,
BirthdayMarch 25th, 2007
About meI am an 11th generation American descendent of one of the original founding citizens of Concord, MA., who settled there in 1640. As such, my philosophy of life is very much shaped by the early history of that founding American community, which sought religious and political freedom. I am also influenced by another great American tradition, the Transcendentalist movement that emerged during the time of my 5th great grandfather in the mid 19th century. Although relatively unknown outside those versed in the Transcendentalist movement, the Neoplatonist Thomas Taylor, the first English translator of the complete works of Plato, Plotinus, Proclus, and Porphyry, exerted a profound influence upon the founder of the Transcendentalists, Ralph Waldo Emerson. Thomas Taylor's translations of the works of the ancient Greek writers also profoundly influenced the visionary artist and poet, William Blake, who beautifully encoded the Neoplatonic tradition into his work. With the rediscovery of the active catalyst of the Eleusinian mystery tradition in the form of the Psilocybe mushrooms, the Ancient Greek mystery tradition has been fully restored to us in the West. If you are eating the mushroom, I would invite you to turn your mind on to the quintessential spiritual teachings at the root of our Western civilization by reading the works of Plato and his successors as made available by Thomas Taylor. These are available through the Prometheus Trust at and in America through Opening Mind Associates

For a great introduction to the concept of the soul and its journey on this Earth, see Pierre Grimes review of Plato's Myth of Er found at the end of The Republic:

As Timothy Leary discovered in August of 1960, the entirety of the esoteric teachings of the ancient traditions is encoded in the body of the Psilocybe species of mushrooms of central Mexico. Eventually, Tim came to feel that access to the Psilocybe mushroom is a basic civil right of humanity, which should not be subject to authoritarian control or regulation. The fact of the matter is, intelligent people exercise their freedoms as they will.

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