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Welcome to the internet's ground zero for information on drugs.

The Lycæum is committed to supplying honest and unbiased information about all aspects of visionary plants, fungi, and chemicals; as well as providing a virtual meeting place for members of the online psychedelic community.

We consider psychedelic drugs to be potentially valuable teachers and allies.

The Lycæum is presently run by a team of volunteers, and supported entirely by generous donations of time, money, and bandwidth.

The Lycæum

The Lycæum was born from the Visionary Plants List (VPL), a now-retired Internet mailing list that was subscribed to by many people with a common interest in the entheogenic experience. We officially opened our doors on June 22, 1996, as a place where people from all around the world could freely exchange and research information regarding visionary plants, fungi, and chemicals. Since that time, we have had hundreds of millions of visitors and have grown to become one of the Internet’s largest hubs of drug information.

Join Us!

We're currently adding trip reports, images, research, documents, synthesis and extraction and other data to the corresponding pages. Do you have knowledge to share? Join us in expanding our knowledge base! Start editing right now.

You're also welcome to join us on the Lycaeum Forums

A sample of some of the sites on this server

More to come...

We'll be recovering more of the ancient sites and will place the links here when they are stable.

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