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General DXM-Related Links

DXM Chat:

Links to Info on other Dissociative Drugs (PCP, Ketamine, etc.):

Links to information about altered states of consciousness:

I've found that many ideas related to OBE (out of body experiences), channeling, and meditation are closely related to DXM trips. There are many sites on the internet that cover these things. If you found something that you can't explain that happened on a trip, these links might clarify what happened, or point you in the right direction. Among these things could be astral projection, channeling, telepathic occurrences, etc. If you know of a good link, send it to me and I'll put it up.

DXM Downloads

Here you will find some interesting software. There are DXM calculators, trip toys/eyecandy, and games.

DXM Calculators:

These DXM Calculators are helpful in figuring out the correct dosage you may want to take, considering your weight, and the amount you want to take. This archive of DXM calculators is complete and contains, to my knowledge, every DXM calculator publicly available. Most, if not all of the calculators are freeware.

I have not tested these calculators, therefore I can not be held liable for what they do to your computer.

DXM Calculators for Calculators:
The DXM calculator for the Mac PowerPC is being reworked. Look back here in the future for a link to it.

I'm trying to get a hold of dxm.bas written by Couch-Bound. If you can help out, please email me.

If you have written a DXM calculator, please send me the program or a link to the program. Email me at dextro50@lycaeum.org.

Links to Eyecandy Sites:

DXM Trip toys (Eyecandy):

These are various trip toys, or trip enhancers. The only two programs below that are useful to alter a trip would be Flasher and PC-dope. Here's what William White has to say about how strobes (both audio and visual) affect brainwave activity.

"Flashing lights are known to affect brainwave activity, as are pulsing sounds (especially when a beat frequency is applied between the two ears).

In other words, flashing lights and pulsing sounds can potentiate oscillations in the brain's neural networks in much the same way that one pushes a child on a swing. At precisely the right moment, a little push adds to the energy of the oscillator and keeps it going. Light and Sound machines apply just the right push at the right time to enhance brainwave activity in particular frequencies.

The two important brainwave bands for DXM users are theta and alpha. Light and/or sound stimulation at these frequencies has been reported to induce a variety of interesting altered states of consciousness which are, for the most part, indescribable."

Note: These programs (especially Flasher) may cause headaches, nausea, or dizziness with some people. Do not use if you have epilepsy. I can not be held liable for the result of anyone's use of these programs.

Flasher a computer strobe-light for DOS. (Freeware - 48 K)

This is a strobe-light for the PC. It can enhance, or alter brainwave frequency. This can be a helpful tool for a DXM trip. NOTE: if you have epilepsy, do not try this program. If you experience nausia, or headaches due to using the program, don't use this program.

PC-dope audio brainwave stimulator for DOS. (Freeware - 21 K)

Uses pulsing tones to possibly alter consciousness. This program, theoretically, does work, but it needs a lot of work. The use of pulsing tones has been in use ever since tribal cultures. The drum, much like modern computer programs such as PC-dope, was originally used to alter consciousness. This program could be compared to a strobe light for the ears.

The key to this program is to listen to the program through earphones in a relaxed, uninhibited manner. Deeply concentrate on the sound and let it take you where it may.

Geiss...available for Windows. Responds to music.

This is a really cool program! It comes in two forms: a winamp plugin and a screensaver. They are both equally good, though I find the screensaver is a little faster. A few of the patterns in this program seem to simulate the DXM-hole very well. There is one effect where the screen starts spinning and flying at you, which I find a lot like DXM. This is a definite download!

Bomb...available for Linux, Windows, Mac, BeOS, Max, RPM.

I really like this program a lot. The program comes with a seemingly infinite amount of controls you can use to tweak what you see on the screen. You can even add your own graphics into a special directory and it will randomly appear in the patterns at certain intervals. I've played with this eyecandy for hours :)

Cthugha available for DOS, Windows, Mac, and Unix. Responds to music.

An oscillator on acid! This trip toy won't necessarily enhance a trip, but it is fun to look at while on DXM. I prefer the DOS version, myself, but the windows version is really nice.


These games have nothing to do with DXM, but are still fun to play whether you're on DXM or not :)

Dopewars (a game for MS-DOS)

Dopewars is my all time favorite game! It's a game of strategy, in which you're a drug dealer in New York, trying to buy and sell drugs to make money. You start off with $2000 and you have to pay off your debt to the loan shark. Once you do so, then your goal is to make as much money as possible in a 1-month span. My all time best score is $32 million dollars.

Download Dopewars (41 K zipped)

Also try the Dissociative Dopewars featuring your favorite dissociatives, including DXM and Ketamine, sold on the streets of New York! (41 K zipped)

Tetripz (a game for MS-DOS)

Tetripz is an awesome tetris clone, but there's a twist! It's designed to play as if you were playing the game on certain drugs. With each drug comes a different level of difficulty. The screen, at certain points will flip around and other crazy things happen. There are 5 levels, with 10 sub-levels in each level. Each level is a drug. The first is coffee, the next cannabis, the next 2-cb, then LSD, and finally DMT. If you can get to the DMT level, you are much better than I!

Download Tetripz (96 K zipped)

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