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Welcome to The DXM Community Forum, a centralized place for general community discussion of DXM. The main focus of this board is to provide a place for general discussion within the DXM community. This board is in contrast to The DXM Information Forum, which is a board focused on the the scientific discussion of DXM. With that in mind, pretty much anything that doesn't belong in the Information Forum should go here. If you have questions or require information about DXM please post them at The DXM Information Forum is for.

On Topic: General chit-chat, artwork, trip reports (unless written in a scientific manner), announcements of any type (unless related to legal or scientific matters), advertising, personal discussion. 

Off Topic: Legal issues regarding DXM, DXM Questions from Newbies, scientific DXM discussion, scientific and legal discussion of all psychedelics.  All of those things must be directed to The DXM Information Forum.

Note to Users of Internet Explorer 4.0 -- For some reason Internet Explorer 4.0 doesn't work well with this message board system. Especially when it comes to registering nicknames and posting. If you are using Internet Explorer 4.0, please upgrade to version 5.0 or 5.5. If your computer is too slow and can not handle a version 5.0 browser, try Netscape.

This board is run using the RPGBoard message board system. It is copylefted under the conditions of the GNU Public License (GPL). It can be freely distributed and modified as long as it retains its GPL status.

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