The Creative Side of DXM

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Thanks to Vertigo for the background, created on 708mg of DXM.

This page deals with the more creative aspects of DXM. Some are very deep and serious, some are just hilarious, some are insane. You will find a DXM art gallery, essays, poetry, humor, and stories.


A DXM-induced Art Gallery

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An oil painting by Mad Hatter. 71 K

Another painting by Mad Hatter (Same as title image). 41 K

A computer-painting created by Dextrometh. 71 K

Another computer-painting created by Dextrometh. 72 K

A recreation of a familiar DXM product! Created by NickCA while on 354 mg of DXM. 58 K

Another Computer-painting created by NickCA while on 600 mg of DXM. 278 K

A computer-painting created by Ace. 142 K

A drawing by Grrinded. 266 K

A self portrait created at the tail end of a DXM trip. The drawing is supposed to be of the author under the influence of DXM. Drawn by NHaedhroes using pastels. 21 K

DXM-inspired Film

Use As Directed

Andalusia films
A Matt Martin Film
Use as Directed "Merchandise of the Family"

A robo-induced short film about a DXM adventure. A must-see while you're on DXM. There's not much I can say about this film except that you have to see it to really understand it! See footage of Matt and his friends at the drug store, and see them wandering around the streets of New Jersey filled to the brim with tussin!

To order your own copy:

Send $10.00 US (includes shipping and handling) to:

matthew martin c/o tim martin
5 farnsworth ave
bordentown nj 08505


Matthew Martin planning to do another film about DXM. He is looking for file footage from other DXMers out there. If you have any footage contact him at

Use as Directed stickers and T-Shirt

Be the first dexer on your block with an authentic "Use as Directed" T-Shirt. They are $10 per shirt. He also is selling DXM stickers of several kinds. They are $.50 each or 3 for a dollar. Email Matt Martin for more information.

Note: these shirts are temporarily out of print. When Mr. Martin gets more in stock, I will include another notice here.

DXM Music


Matt Martin, the maker of "Use as Directed" has a band called "Stilts". The music is slow and dreamy and very good for DXM. A must for any good DXM tripper's music collection. I can safely say, from listening to Stilts, that you will NOT be disappointed in this band, if you like "DXM Music". The music is filled with landscapes and is almost visual. It will take you on a journey around the galaxy and back and you won't even have to switch CD's!

You can order a CD by emailing Mr. Stilts himself at

Visit Mr. Stilts' Official Webpage at

Oedipus Complex

Music for the underground DXM community. For DXMers by DXMers.

Website: Oedipus Complex's mp3's at


Members of our very own DXM Message Board community have created some DXM-inspired music! Nightchild and Dr. Max live in two different countries, yet they have collaberated musically via the internet. Download their mp3's at the link below. It is some very interesting electronic-type music. A must download for any DXM music lover! I recommend the tributes to Elfstar.

Website: NightMax's mp3's

Also check out Nightchild's Solo project at

Plateau Sigma

Electro-psychedelic hard rock from North Carolina! Some really interesting DXM-induced music! Lots of mp3's! Check it out!

Websites: and


Ambient Music. When the mind dissasociates from the body, thoughts begin to flow.



Electronic music from the DXM Message Board's "Necronaut".



Electronic music. Has some beautiful tributes to Elfstar, a fellow DXMer who died in October, 1999.



Instruments and techniques hold little importance... sound is all that matters.


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