Do Not use Coricidin Cough and Cold recreationally!

There have been several cases of severe problems resulting from even moderate Coricidin use, including bleeding eyeballs (I'm not kidding), serious nausea, and even coma. DO NOT use Coricidin recreationally.

Here's what William White has to say about using Coricidin recreationally:

I've heard from about two dozen people who have had *serious* problems with Coricidin (and countless who have been turned off of it after regular use by nausea reactions when looking at the box in the drugstore; some people even projectile vomit upon seeing it).

Several people ended up bleeding out their eyeballs (I kid you not). About ten ended up in the hospital. One kid was in a coma for three days after *five* tablets. All of these people had taken ten or fewer.

Some people are *very* susceptible to antihistamines, and it can hit you suddenly, and randomly. It is seriously dangerous shit.